$PAC Partners With CPN to Offer users Real-time Crypto Payments Solution

$PAC Partners With CPN to Offer users Real-time Crypto Payments Solution

The active collaboration between $PAC and Crypto Payment Network is yielding great fruits, as Domini Pizza, Caribou Coffee, Gamestop and others will soon accepting the crypto as a means of exchange.

A means of exchange

$PAC will soon be generally accepted by a vast array of outlets in the world. This exciting news is borne out of the partnership that was struck between $PAC and CPN.
The collaboration involves several Fortune 500 companies, while most of the names are still in the bag, it has been confirmed that Gamestop, Domino Pizza, and Caribou coffee will soon be accepting the coin as a means of exchange for their services.
CPN, which stands for crypto payment network is a platform that makes it possible for merchants to accept cryptocurrency and receive cash via ACH/SEPA transfers.
CPN is working round the clock to make sure that $PAC is accepted anywhere in the world where they accept traditional debit cards like Mastercard, VISA, Verve amongst others.

Escaping the volatility

The greatest fear facing merchants is the volatility of the market. The unpredictable nature of the market can make you a millionaire today and leave you penniless tomorrow.
With this process, merchants will be able to predict expenses, pay taxes, buy provisions and do all the needful in real-time.
The opportunity provided by the ability to exchange crypto to fiat like almost immediately will go a long way to help merchants beat the unstable nature of the crypto market.
The partnership is also trying to bridge the gap between the fiat currency and the $PAC, and make it relatively easy for merchants to accept $PAC as a form of the traditional money.
Putting a strong voice on the matter, the CMO of $PAC said:

‘’By design $PAC was created to be a spendable, transaction-focused digital currency. It features near-zero transactions fees and instant cross-border transaction fees. These key features combined with the CPN network will make $PAC a market leader for full scale retailer option. This latest partnership about its commitment to consumer satisfaction and its expanded adoption potential’’

The partnership will soon name more companies who are willing to accept the $PAC.
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