Outer Ring MMO Concludes IDO, Raising 1.6M USDT Within 24 Hours

Outer Ring MMO Concludes IDO, Raising 1.6M USDT Within 24 Hours

Outer Ring MMO, a science fiction play-to-earn video game with an open universe and vast lore that offers players immersive and social experience is delighted to announce the completion of its IDO which saw it raising up to $1.6M within 24hours.

Outer Ring MMO IDO Event

The project’s Initial Dex Offering was held on March 2nd and 3rd, releasing a total of 400.000.000 Galactic Quadrants(GQ), the game’s governance token into the market at a price of 0.004 USDT and 10 months linear vest.

However, this has marked the fourth investment round held since it was developed in 2018, as GQ takes off after TGE in PancakeSwap landing over $15M in volume within the first 24 hours.

With plans to launch its Alpha Game in June 2022, the gaming platform is seeking to yield more efficiency while attracting massive anticipation from investors. As such, the project has been able to raise 6M USDT in private equity and 6M USDT in token allocation, after 3 years running on in-house investment under their core business, NexxyoLabs.

According to the announcement, Outer Ring MMO had closed partnerships with 11 launchpads to perform its IDO phase. The gaming platform had disengaged from launchpads including, Metavpad, Gamezone, Bscpad, Seedify, InfinityPad, DaoStarter, Kommunitas, Brandpad, Gamespad, and Safelaunch

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Outer Ring MMO Kicks Off Token Generation Event

The Completion of the Initial Dex Offering had ushered the project into commencing a token generation event on PancakeSwap. As such, Outer Ring MMO provided 500.000 USDT to create a liquidity pool with 250.000 USDT and 50M GQs, at a price of 0.005 UDST. 

Hence, the token had entered the market at an Initial Market Cap of 1.050.000 UDST. In a bid to boost the adoption of the token, Outer Ring has integrated a Staking Platform into its website. This way, holders can earn tokenized materials and SCK (Space Corsairs Keys) vitals to succeed inside their universe.

Outer Ring MMO explained what its roadmap is aimed at saying;

“After the successful token launch and the creation of a staking platform, the roadmap of Outer Ring MMO is completely focused on allowing gamers to enter the space battle fully armored. In the months prior to the Alpha Game, users will be able to acquire lootboxes containing assets such as guns, materials, spaceships, or even the NFTs required to form clans.”