OTCBTC Lists XMX on OTC and Exchange Platform

OTCBTC Lists XMX on OTC and Exchange Platform

XMax is one of the most popular projects in Asia advised by many famous investors and experienced in community building as their advisers founded China’s renowned 3 AM Sleepless Blockchain Group which is the largest cryptocurrency social media group in China.  
Their 3 AM Community has hosted large blockchain events in Macau (8000+ attendees – http://en.wbcworld.com/) and Singapore. XMax is now pushing a global marketing campaign and building an active community of global developers, ecosystem DAPPs, and token holders.  They already have partnered with over 20 large enterprises and are helping them to develop their blockchain projects on the XMax ecosystem.
OTCBTC  in a tweet on 30/06/2018 announced that the exchange was going to list the cryptocurrency on its exchange.

OTCBTC exchange is the largest OTC (over-the-counter) exchange with a cryptocurrency exchange which provides high liquidity and various services to digital asset investors and blockchain enthusiasts around the world.
Founded in October 2017, it has grown rapidly since its launch and has reached hundreds of millions of dollars in trading volume, and pageviews, within two short months. This platform has its own token called OTB, which can be used to pay the fees on the OTCBTC platform. The deduction is automatically applied according to the current market price through the system.
By simply signing up with your email or mobile phone number, you can withdraw up to 1BTC daily. This is a pretty large amount for small and regular traders. Users can protect their identities without having to bother about KYCs, or letting out sensitive information.
Unlike most exchanges that have automated responses and take days to reply, OTCBTC boasts of a standby online support that responds within 5 minutes. You are able to reach their online customer support team from website or mobile application. In addition to all of these, OTCBTC supports direct purchases using CNY, KRW, JPY, USD, and HKD.
Customers can buy top cryptos like BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, QTUM, LTC, ZEC, and a host of others. All of these features combined, makes OTCBTC a reliable and secured exchange for fast purchase or sales of cryptocurrencies.

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