OpenOcean AtanticWave Commits $1 Million To The Growth Of The BSC Ecosystem

OpenOcean AtanticWave Commits $1 Million To The Growth Of The BSC Ecosystem

The OpenOcean Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of the OpenOcean AtlanticWave to grow the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

As per the announcement, OpenOcean AtlanticWave, an incentive program by the OpenOcean Foundation, is committing $1 million to the BSC ecosystem. The program consists of various campaigns, including partnership events and liquidity mining. This program will run across different categories, including DeFi, DAOs, gaming, NFTs, and metaverses. The program is set to run for the next six-month from December 1 to May 31, 2022. Currently, the program is accepting applications from projects across the global communities. 

OpenOcean is one of the earliest aggregators that provides uses with the best rates across decentralized and centralized exchanges with top trading efficiency. Notably, the incentive program provides OpenOcean with new avenues for entering the next stage of expansion.

OpenOcean’s vision is to “build a full aggregator for crypto trading that increases capital efficiency and connects the isolated islands in the current fragmented DeFi and CeFi markets. Regardless of being a small individual investor or large institution, everyone should have the opportunity to trade at the best prices and apply their investment strategies to various crypto asset classes.”

The platform provides the best rates across ten blockchains networks and over 50 DeFi and CeFi exchanges. OpenOcean also has the highest trading efficiency supported by its improved algorithms, which allow users to tap into the Ocean liquidity and trade. In addition, the platform also has derivative aggregation and intelligent wealth management that provides users with CTA strategies and arbitrage opportunities found in trading spots and futures across decentralized and centralized exchanges.

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Earlier last month, OpenOcean launched an upgraded OpenOcean Atlantic, which aims at delivering superior DeFi trades and swaps. The upgrade now provides users with numerous benefits, including enjoying maximum returns on swap rates that are more favorable compared to those of other DEX aggregators in the market. The new product was launched to introduce more institutions to the vast ocean of crypto liquidity across the different blockchains.

OpenOcean plans to continue its algorithm upgrades to offer better price solutions to users while creating room for expansion in the coming year. The platform also plans to launch the best future prices, launch intelligent wealth management services, and integrate more DeFi and CeFi products, such as lending and insurance products geared towards growing the OpenOcean ecosystem.