The OpenLedger- Supported Karma Token Begins Trading After a Successful ICO Project


Karma is a Blockchain-based decentralized peer-to-peer lending platform. The project, which was supported by the OpenLedger exchange and Fintech firm, has announced the successful commencement of trading of its KRM token. Currently, the KRM tokens can be traded on the OpenLedger DEX platform and the CoinLink exchange.

The Karma team is excited to announce the successful commencement of its trading operations. The KRM tokens can be bought or sold on Korea’s CoinLink exchange and OpenLeder DEX. Karma currently has a daily trading volume of over $10  million.
 The Karma platform uses the Bitshares Graphene blockchain protocol. The KRM tokens facilitates the lending operations of the Karma platform, without any need for third parties. Karma’s ICO project which was held from November  to December 2017, successfully met its fundraising goals of $10 million with ease.
The Karma platform is currently undergoing further development to better serve its investors from all over the globe.
Karma will make it easy for millionaires all over the globe lend to entrepreneurs with flexible interest rates.

The CEO of OpenLedger opined that:

“As their PR & Marketing partner during their token sale, and with a functional blockchain presented only a few weeks after the closing of their ICO, one has to say this ICO has delivered as promised and I am personally looking forward to seeing how this project will further evolve in future.”

Karma has highly reputable people in their team. Some of which includes:
George Goognin, who has a Ph.D in Economy Math Models and he’s also the Vice chairman of the Russian Parliament Blockchain Experts Chamber.
Artem Laptev is also an expert in management of P2P investment funds, with ten years experience in portfolio management and the finance industry. He has worked at Troika Dialog, Sberbank and Ancor Invest.
Mr. Laptev is also an International CFA-certified financial analyst.

How To Withdraw your KRM Tokens
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KRM trading on the OpenLedger DEX is currently available in the following pairs: bitCNY, bitUSD, BTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE. EOS. OBITS and STEEM.

Brief facts About Karma ICO
There are over 1000 unique token holders
There is over 4000 successful orders
KRM token has an average order amount of $2500
Over 1,005,414,013 tokens sold
269,585,987 tokens reserved for future use.
5 billion tokens to be vested for founders for one year
365,611,390 tokens will be vested for bounties in a period of 1 to 2 years.

Briefly About OpenLedger
A decentralized conglomerate which incudes advertising, cryptocurrency trading, ICO marketing subsidiaries and more.

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