OPEN Platform and Element Group Announce a strategic Partnership

OPEN Platform and Element Group Announce a strategic Partnership

The partnership focuses on advancing OPEN Platform’s adoption on the global market through post-tokenization support.
SANTA MONICA, CA – May 24, 2018Open Platform, the first-ever decentralized payment platform for applications and online transactions, today has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Element Group, a full-service advisory firm for the digital token capital markets.
The Element partnership will be a value-add for the OPEN Platform ecosystem due to Element’s experience and focus in digital token capital markets. The Element partnership will allow for establishing the certainty of the post-tokenization functionality of OPEN Platform.
The Element Group worked closely with OPEN Platform in establishing and setting up the OPEN Platform token generation event. The Element Group consulted in various components of the token generation process, ranging from structuring a governance method as well as token economics and related aspects, setting an initial framework for worldwide success.
OPEN, which provides fundamental infrastructure which enables application developers to simply and seamlessly integrate with numerous blockchains, has recently deployed the OPEN scaffold system. The recent technology deployment will provide developers with the ability to easily integrate the processing of cryptocurrency payments into their respective applications. Additionally, as an added benefit, businesses and developers would not have to invest a large amount of resources to train and learn different blockchain languages like Solidity to incorporate and tap into the increasing value of the blockchain.
The Element Group has historically provided strategic consulting and continues to provide strong guidance to OPEN in growing and expanding its presence in further regions across the globe. The Element Group has been essential, specifically in the APAC part of the world. Element Group has provided services including finding ambassadors and developers for the OPEN Platform to lay down a foundational presence to crucially grow interest and a community within the region.
Due to the strategic services provided by Element Group, OPEN Platform was able to successfully complete a roadshow, hosting packed events across Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tokyo.
Element Group, one of the leading digital asset advisory firms in the world, is known for lending guidance and assistance to up and coming technological platforms that stimulate the growth of new blockchain-based markets and businesses. Historically, Element Group has supported significant projects who have contributed in a meaningful manner to the blockchain space.
Element Group is a value add to premium blockchain projects that contribute to the overall ecosystem. Element Group provides a holistic end-to-end solution which accounts for many aspects of the digital asset capital markets. These aspects cover corporate finance, research, trading, and assisting in creating comprehensive marketing solutions. Element Group has been a boon to significant blockchain projects like Enigma and Ripio and has demonstrated a continued commitment to the growth of a truly distributed world. In accordance with the core values of the Element Group, it seeks to have a continued relationship with OPEN Platform.
Stan Miroshnik, CEO of Element Group states “OPEN Platform is working on solving a major pain point for applications interacting with blockchains – the reliable communication of on chain payments. This structural middleware is a key component to driving functional adoption of blockchains and abstracting the complexity for developers. We look forward to helping enable broader awareness and adoption through the Element network of partners.”
Ken Sangha, the CEO of OPEN Platform, also had a few words to say about the relationship.
“We’re excited to have Element Group working closely alongside OPEN Platform. Their experience and expertise in the digital asset space will be an asset in helping us achieve wide-scale support and adoption in the global market,” said Ken Sangha, the CEO of OPEN Platform.
As OPEN Platform continues to grow and become a prominent project in the crypto community, larger firms are expected to support and assist the efforts of OPEN Platform as well.
About Element Group
Element Group is a full-service firm for the digital asset capital markets that delivers advisory, trading, treasury, technology, and asset management services in an integrative manner. Founded in 2017, Element is a leading advisor on token sale transactions with global, institutional reach.
Element works globally with some of the industry’s leading projects, companies, and founders by providing crypto-economics, financing, and strategy guidance. Element Digital Asset Management invests firm capital in digital assets, promising emerging protocols, and distributed application technologies. Element Digital Trading specializes in facilitating over-the-counter cryptocurrency transactions for institutional counterparties.
Element Group offers securities in the U.S. through Tangent Capital Partners, LLC, a registered broker-dealer with the SEC and a member of FINRA and SIPC.
About OPEN Platform
As the only decentralized payment solution designed specifically for applications, OPEN Platform lets developers integrate cryptocurrency payments into their new and existing apps with a few short lines of code. With OPEN, developers can process in-app payments, subscriptions, and one-time purchases synchronizing data both on and off the blockchain. To stay up-to-date on OPEN Platform and learn more about the project, visit the official website.
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Element Group
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OPEN Platform
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