OnPlace's PATS Protocol Ready to Decentralize the "Over the Counter" Investment Industry


The OnPlace team is creating a decentralized investor ecosystem accessible to all.
The team is set to launch its token generation event presale. The TGE will be held in February 2018, providing users with an opportunity to invest in various significant firms in the IT industry.
OnPlace is made up of developers looking to create a decentralized platform for people to be part of. The system will make it easy for Closed over-the-counter(OTC) assets to be introduced to the market, creating liquidity.  OTC investments can be sometimes complicated. The OnPlace team will make it easy for all to invest in funds of the best IT companies all over the world, with low entry thresholds for low-income people to access.
OnPlace is focused on providing all the tools necessary for customers to trade assets by themselves, without the unnecessary red tape associated with OTC investments.
The transformation of shares into Smart contracts will be a secure process and will guarantee customers shareholder rights.
“We can say with absolute certainty that investment into private IT companies has become one of the most reliable ways to get a high return percentage on investments in a relatively short period.” – the OnPlace team.
The team has pledged to provide customers with a secure and accessible service which allows them to invest into successful companies through their tokenization protocol known as PATS.  OnPlace will focus mainly on the private IT sector which has seen a wildfire growth in recent times.
PATS Protocol in Brief
PATS stands for Private Assets Tokenization Protocol and it is used in the tokenization of OTC assets for investors. The protocol first establishes a marketplace opportunity window (MOW), followed by a selection of projects to be tokenized based on the criteria of crypto investors. After that, the eligible projects under the PATS protocol gets tokenized, and this leads to the circulation of established PATS tokens. Finally, the tokens are supported during their life cycle, and this ensures complete decentralized control of the tokens by the community of token holders.
Onplace will provide a transparent and safe solution in the OTC ecosystem.
The PATS protocol uses smart contracts to provide a standard account management system and a decentralized platform that everybody can benefit from.
The PATS protocol allows a minimum investment amount of as low as $1, which is affordable for the common man, compared to investing in the shares of a private company. OnPlace will also charge meager transaction fees from 0.05 to 0.02%. this makes it very flexible for investors.
The Roadmap and Token Generation Event
Since 2016, Onplace has opened its Moscow office and also successfully registered in the US. It has a corporate bank account funded by itself with $200, 000.  The company’s alpha version for early investors raised over $1 million. Subsequently, the firm expanded its US and Hong Kong offices. By August 2018, the TGE event will be held. This process will circulate the OnPlace tokens. In January 2019, the Onplace decentralized investment ecosystem will become fully functional.
For more information: www.onplace.io
Whitepaper: www.onplace.io/whitepaper/wp-onplace-main.pdf
Twitter: www.twitter.com/on_place
Email: info@onplace.io
Medium: www.medium.com/@onplace

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