Nhash – Profitable Pool Mining Made Easy

Nhash - Profitable Pool Mining Made Easy

Mining is one of the best ways to earn cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. This used to be easier, but the system is becoming more complicated with the use of ASICs and large electricity demands. With pool mining though, you can also earn BTC or any other cryptocurrency by sharing in miner revenue by contributing to the hashing power.

Nhash is one of the top mining pools and also the highest paying in the industry. Anyone can contribute to the hashing power of the pool and share in the revenue. This article highlights some of the key features of the pool that set it apart.

Features of Nhash

Flexible plans: You don’t have so much money to spare? No problem. Nhash has plans that are likely to suit you. There is the $100 for a 90-day period, $500 for a 180-day plan, $2,000 for a 360-day plan and $5,000 for a 720-day plan. All payments are made in BTC. If you are new to the system, you can start with the $100 plan to test the waters before making any serious investment.

Daily payout: Investing and waiting can make you anxious, but that doesn’t have to happen. With Nhash, payouts are done daily, so that you see the reward for your investment almost immediately.

 Easy withdrawal: You can easily withdraw your share of the profits as the payout is done. You don’t have to wait till the end of the month or have technical knowledge to be able to do this.


24-hour support: You may have questions about your investment every now and then. Nhash makes sure all your concerns are addressed with its 24-hour support that will answer any questions or address any concerns you have.

Data protection: Privacy has become an issue in the current digital age. Nhash makes sure your data is protected with the best technology and you can be sure any information you provide is well guarded. 

Instant connection: Once you sign up and choose a plan, you are instantly connected to the pool. You can start mining right away and start seeing your profits in 24 hours.

How to get started

You can join the pool in two easy steps as follows.

Create your ID: To do this, you need to sign up, which is very easy. All you have to do is provide your email and create a password. You can provide an invitation code if someone invited you, and then enter the verification code displayed and you are in.

Choose your plan: Next you need to choose a mining contract and the amount you need. Finally, make an order and start mining. 

Free coupon: There is a free $30 coupon if you sign up today, which you get upon signing up.