NewsCrypto Expands NWC Ecosystem Through Integration with Travala

NewsCrypto Expands NWC Ecosystem Through Integration with Travala

This partnership makes more than three million travel products at Travala bookable with NewsCrypto Coin (NWC).

NewsCrypto, a provider of digital asset trading solute+ons, has teamed up with crypto-friendly travel website With such a move, NewsCrypto is offering yet another onramp for
NWC token holders to capture value through new real-world applications.

The collaboration adds further utility to the NWC token, enabling holders to take advantage of’s offerings, including unique travel experiences. On the other hand, and just as
importantly, this will expose hundreds of thousands of travelers to the NWC token and, with it,
the whole range of NewsCrypto products.

Announced today, the partnership is also the latest push by to bring its blockchain-based travel agency to a wider audience. will integrate NewsCrypto’s native token among other cryptocurrencies and fiat
denominations it supports for buying over three million travel products in more 200 countries.
The integration will also enable NWC token holders to take advantage of seasonal offers and
promotions, as well as daily deals and discounts of up to 40% across hotels, homes, flights,
among others.


These discounts and other perks are not confined to existing token holders. Specifically,
Travala’s client base, which boasts more than 150,000 active monthly users, will be able to
buy NWC on their preferred exchange and take advantage of the savings and competitive

This means that the potential reach of this partnership will be far greater than just the existing
NewsCrypto user base.

Travala has been expanding its portfolio of accepted payments to increase cryptocurrency
adoption and promote “the freedom of travel.”

Most recently, the crypto-friendly travel company has integrated Binance Pay, which allows
users to pay straight from their accounts at the world’s most influential crypto exchange. The
integration also offers access to five crypto coins; bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), binance coin
(BNB), binance USD (BUSD) and swipe (SXP), as well as one fiat currency, the euro.

The travel booking platform has been gaining traction in the last few months as it keeps
catching the attention of mainstream tourism agencies. For this purpose, the company has
teamed up with Expedia, Priceline, Agoda,, Tripadvisor, and many others to let
users search and find travel deals around the world.

Crypto-adoption still has a long way to go

The impact this partnership will have will extend far beyond just NewsCrypto Coin, originally a
Stellar token. NWC token is now also available as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and a
BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain, giving users the choice of three blockchains for their

Crypto-adoption still has a long way to go as the process of converting digital assets to fiat
currencies can add cost, time and complexity. As such, deals like today’s Travala-
NewsCrypto partnerships are the only way forward, giving people the opportunity to bridge their crypto assets with services they use every day.

“Adoption seems to be the one thing that will set this bull market apart from the previous
ones, with both institutional investors and consumer-oriented companies and services
(including the likes of Visa, PayPal, and, of course, Travala) spreading awareness of crypto
outside of the typical tech-savvy circles to which it was confined,”
NewsCrypto said in a

NewsCrypto is riding the wave of crypto burst into the mainstream. The company last month
rolled out an Artificial Intelligence sentiment price prediction tool to track and analyze chatter
about top cryptocurrencies.

As the latest addition to its product suite, NewsCrypto’s AI sentiment price prediction tool
scans Twitter posts and other websites to capture market-moving themes. The tool takes
relevant keywords out of the noisy input data generated by crypto influencers and learns how
that frequency affects the price and trading volume, based on how it did in the past.