Nauticus Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Beta Version of its Platform

Nauticus Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches Beta Version of its Platform

The Nauticus team has announced that their advanced crypto exchange platform beta version has been launched for testing and would be available to the world soon.
The Nauticus token sale event is live now and has already raised a whopping $14.6 million, with two more weeks to the end of the sale.
The Nauticus platform is determined to make it easy for investors to buy cryptocurrencies seamlessly.
Crypto greenhorns often find it a herculean task using some exchanges to buy virtual currencies, due to the fact that their platforms are hardly user-friendly.
This has made many users flock to exchanges such as Coinbase and CoinSpot which have quite friendly user interfaces but charge users exorbitant fees for the service.
CoinSpot’s transaction fee is several times higher than the exchange rate, and Coinbase slaps an addition 50 percent on investors as ‘payment fees.’
Notably, on April 25, it cost a whopping $43 extra to buy one bitcoin on Coinbase than on Binance, while CoinSpot’s fee was AUD$46 more than on Australian exchange BTC Markets.
With Nauticus, users will pay nothing more than 0.1 percent fees, with meager exchange rates.
As stated earlier, Nauticus exchange makes it easy for everyone to buy cryptos with the click of a button.
Nauticus supports 100 cryptos and seven fiat currencies including CNY, USD, EUR, JPY. HKD, AUD, and ZAR.
The Nauticus team has hinted that the mobile app is set to be released on Android and iOS app stores. Users will be able to trade cryptos and store their fiat money with it. Shortly, a payment feature will be added to the system.
The demand for cryptos is increasing every day. The established exchanges generate up to $3 million daily in fees alone.
Tokens of exchanges have all skyrocketed in recent times.  Huobi, Binance, and others have all seen a massive upward surge in their digital coins.
The Nauticus coin allows users to get a 50 percent discount on trading fees. The ICO is live now, and users can buy each Nauticus token for 10 cents.
The ICO has been hugely successful so far, with $14.6 million raised already.
New users will be rewarded with 100 free coins, and they’ll also receive 200 coins when they complete a survey.
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