Natmin Pure Escrow to disrupt the Escrow Industry

It is estimated that cybercrime may cost the world $600 billion in 2018 (0.8% of global GDP), and predicted that this figure will rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021, a truly chilling figure. Online fraud and Cybercrime are only going to increase; something needs to be done to help make people feel safe online again.
This is where Natmin Pure Escrow comes in. Natmin aims to combat this devastating fraud growth by using Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to offer buyers and sellers a safe and secure place to transact, knowing their money is safe.
What is Natmin Pure Escrow?
Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that specializes solely in Escrow Services. Built on Blockchain Technology, Natmin acts as an objective, third-party mediator that can’t be bribed or hacked. For this reason, it helps ensure trust and transparency between both parties of a transaction. By utilizing Smart Contracts, Natmin is able to create “if/then” contracts, in which each step needs to be verified by the Blockchain before it can be completed.
Conventional Escrow Services facilitate every aspect of the transaction. With Natmin Pure Escrow, the Blockchain and Smart Contracts are the Escrow Service. This automates many of the processes that would ordinarily require human interaction which adds unnecessary time and costs, as well as providing the opportunity for fraud. Natmin passes these savings in time and cost onto its customers, offering cheaper transaction fees while providing a secure platform to transact.
Natmin Pure Escrow recently announced their long-term partnership with DE Asset Management Limited, a Venture Capital Investment firm based in Canada. Speaking of their reason for choosing the partnership, DE Asset Management President, Darrell Emmanuel, said, “We invested in Natmin Because it represents a real business on the blockchain, a pure and dedicated Escrow service. A service that this team specializes in and a service that is not just used but is needed by professionals, both in developed and developing countries. Escrow services are needed internationally”.
Demo platform
Natmin Pure Escrow has a working Demo platform, offering users the chance to check out how the Demo works. “What makes Natmin stand out from other ICOs as well is that they already have a Demo platform, which is an answer to the proof of concept question, always raised by Venture Capitalist like us” – Darrell Emmanuel, President of DE Asset Management.
The Natmin Token
The Natmin Token (NAT) is a unmineable, digital token that powers the Escrow platform. Built on the ERC20/ERC223 standard using the Ethereum Blockchain, NAT will be used to fund transactions between buyers and sellers. The Token Generating Event (TGE) is the only time that Natmin tokens will be created.
Natmin Token Sale
Natmin Pure Escrow’s Presale is currently on, offering early investors a 45% bonus on a limited supply of 40,000,000 tokens. The Presale is in its last days, so get in quick and take advantage of this bonus. The Presale ends on 31st August 2018.
The Public Sale begins on 1st September 2018 and runs until 30th September 2018, offering an additional 200,000,000 tokens with a tiered bonus structure.
Day 1-3 35%
Day 4-10 25%
Day 11-17 20%
Day 18-24 15%
Day 25-30 10%
1 ETH = 20,000 NAT, minimum buy 0.01 ETH.
At the conclusion of the Public Sale, 70% of the unsold tokens will be distributed to the Presale and Public Sale contributors as a bonus according to their contribution. Of the remaining unsold tokens, 15% will be instantly burned, with the final 15% being made available for purchase directly from the platform and then burned at the rate of 1% each month until the tokens reach 0. Tokens allocated to the team and advisors will be vested for 180 days.

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