Mysterious Bitcoin Whale Surpasses Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy After ‘Buying The Dip’

Whales Are “Gobbling Up” Bitcoin Even With The Recent Market Slump
  • An unknown whale has surpassed MicroStrategy to become the third-largest BTC whale. 
  • The address bought every dip since Bitcoin’s all-time high in November.
  • BTC whales are now more active than ever.

An unknown Bitcoin whale has leapfrogged MicroStrategy to become the third-largest Bitcoin whale. The whale address is known to have competed with MicroStrategy’s BTC holdings for a while.

Bought Every Dip

The whale’s activity has spiked in recent weeks with the address purchasing every dip since Bitcoin hit its all-time high in early November. According to a Bitcoin analyst with the Twitter handle @venturefounder, BTC’s dip has allowed the whale to purchase more BTC than MicroStrategy for far less. He said, “It started buying BTC after the drop from $69k to $63k, and bought every dip down to $36k…Thanks to smart dip-buying instead of a lump sum, the whale put in $2.76B & bought more BTC than Saylor did with $3.75B.”

The whale achieved the milestone of becoming the third-largest whale after the purchase of 160 BTC for around $5 million, according to data from BitInfoCharts. Its holdings now stand at 124,485 BTC, compared to MicroStrategy’s 124,391 BTC. Since the start of the week, the whale has now purchased 488 BTC. 

“Finally this entity surpassed Saylor: The 3rd largest Bitcoin whale wallet added another 488 BTC Friday & today at $36.4k for $18M…This wallet bought 16,576 BTC since $69k top, now holds 124,487 BTC with a cost basis of $22k per BTC vs 124,391 of Saylor with a cost basis of $30k,”.

In general, the last 6 months have seen an uptick in whale activity. Inactive whales, attracted by recent market dips, have jumped back into the fray. A particular whale, according to data from BitInfoCharts, has gone from owning just 257 BTC to holding 28,931 BTC during the period.


MicroStrategy, which is run by Bitcoin lover Michael Saylor, has been one of the most popular whales during the period. The company has put in place a plan to accumulate more Bitcoin as the CEO predicts that the digital asset will be worth as much as $6 million in the future. Its last known purchase was on the 30th of December when it purchased 1,914 BTC.

BTC Price Reaction And Market Outlook

Around the time of the purchase, the market was showing recoils of about 4%. However, the asset is now showing a decline of about 5.18% for the day. Even though short-term indicators are looking bullish, overall market conditions do not support this.

BTCUSD Chart by TradingView

It is, however, clear that Bitcoin whales seem to have found a spot that looks attractive for them to jump into the market. Data reveals that whale activity has accounted for 90% of the volume of activity in the last week. Despite the gloom, Michael Saylor remains confident in the long-term growth of the asset and has revealed that his firm has no plans to sell.