MoonTrader: Versatile, Smart and Efficient Tool for Modern Cryptocurrency Trading

MoonTrader: Versatile, Smart and Efficient Tool for Modern Cryptocurrency Trading

Why us?

  • We already have a working product. We have launched the first-generation trading terminal in October 2017.
  • We already have an experienced team of professional software developers and active traders.
  • We have over 30 000 registrations in the system.
  • We support both Russian and English-speaking communities consisting of 4000+ active daily traders.
  • We are constantly developing and improving the product. Most of the changes are implemented based on the recommendations and requests of the community members.
  • We make the product both for ourselves and for our community.

What are we doing?

We are making a sophisticated ecosystem for traders. The main fuel of the platform is the $MOON token (means of settlement), and the main product is the MoonTrader trading terminal. Traders will be able to monetize their own knowledge and skills using additional services such as the Marketplace and the Content Platform.

MoonTrader: Versatile, Smart and Efficient Tool for Modern Cryptocurrency Trading

For whom?

What do we provide for our users?

Novice trader: 

  • MoonTrader is offered as a shareware product with reduced functionality to support comfortable familiarization.
  • Paper trading.
  • The ability to develop skills in automatic and manual trading.
  • Access to our community of traders where live communication and exchange of experience happens.
  • Platform with content created by traders for traders.

Professional trader: 

  • A versatile and flexible tool to support almost any kind of trading (scalping, intra-day, etc.).
  • The ability to back-test a wide range of ideas and strategies in Algo-trading.
  • Possibility to back-test these on historical data, testing the ideas and concepts against reading data, and optimizing the settings to maximize profitability.
  • The Marketplace of algorithms and services related to trading: training, Trusted Management services, assistance in setting up and analyzing.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast:

  • Trusted Management technology: 

    • Database with ratings and statistics of the best traders.
    • Automatic copying of the trades of the managing trader (Copy Trading).
    • Remote account management. The trader does not have access to the investor’s account. This minimizes the risks of trust in the Manager.
  • Access to a developed Market of algorithms. Users with trading experience and their own experience can provide their algorithms for use by other Traders according to the tariffs established by them in a special Marketplace.

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For 2 years, the MoonBot team has been actively developing the trading terminal. The accumulated experience in the mechanics of automated Exchange, algorithmic trading, and the problems and solutions faced by Traders has been built into the MoonTrader ecosystem to allow Traders at all levels to rapidly and easily deploy advanced and highly profitable optimized bot solutions.

We have brought together the full trading experience and achievements, along with solutions to provide the advanced technical infrastructure needed to profitably trade the cryptocurrency markets to develop a completely new trading terminal – MoonTrader. During our development phase, we have an exact understanding of what needs to be done and how to bring this knowledge together to the full benefit of users of our Trading ecosystem.

These people make up the core of the project team: 

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