Monaco Real Estate Investment Token Pre-sale Kicks Off on May 1, 2018

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Monaco Estate is integrating blockchain technology into Real Estate. The Real Estate-backed token pre-sale begins on May 1, 2018, in Monaco. The team has set a target of raising 50,000 ETH when they launch their MEST token. MEST token will enable its holders to receive some of the profits generated by the Monaco Real Estate project on monthly bases.
Monaco Estate is a real estate project that’s different from the others because it offers a cryptocurrency backed real estate rentals in Monaco. This is the first and only rental service that accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Euros.
Built on the  Ethereum Smart Contracts Blockchain
The Monaco project is focused on using the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain to ensure transparency, quick payment transactions and security.  Every month, the team will distribute 60 percent of its profits to the MEST token holders and the rest profits will be kept as reserve funds. The distribution will be done with the highest level of transparency.
Investors in the Monaco real estate project have a lot to gain because several premium real estate assets back the MEST token.  MEST tokens have all the liquidity features of cryptocurrencies but are less volatile.
As stated earlier, the 40% reinvestment policy helps ensure the system remains sustainable and grows continuously. The MEST token is guaranteed to give all its holders passive income, even the small investors who typically wouldn’t have been able to afford real estate investments.
Token Pre-Sale begins on May 1, 2018.
Token Distribution Details
About 84 percent would serve as the Monaco Real Estate Capital
10 percent goes into administration and Legal matters
1 percent goes the development of smart contracts.
5 percent is kept as reserve funds
The Monaco ICO project Observes all Government guidelines like the  KYC/AML regulations.
Why is the Monaco Project a Viable Investment?
Monaco has the highest number of wealthy investors and millionaires. The Tax system is quite favorable and enables startups to maximize profit.
MEST token holders are entitled to other benefits like priority rentals and discounted rentals in apartments owned by Monaco Estate.
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