There is never a dull moment in the ICO ecosystem, with each new day ushering in a new ICO project, with bright ideas and life-changing prospects.

ICOs’ remain mostly unregulated and some startups have taken advantage of the uncontrolled nature of ICOs’ to disappear into thin air with peoples’ hard-earned money. Some instances of such scam ICOs are Confido, TBC, Plexcoin and many others.

It is also pertinent to note that the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world-Ethereum was once in the ICO stages. There are also other ICO projects that are currently doing great thereby giving its investors a decent return on investment on a regular basis.

Mirocana ICO- In A Class Of Its Own

We have had ICO projects that focus on different aspects; from social media to the Internet of things, to Cybersecurity. There are infinite possibilities in the ICO world.


As written on the Mirocana whitepaper, the Mirocana Company was founded in March 2015 and have waxed ever stronger since that time, raising substantial venture capital and also a successful trading prediction system using artificial intelligence.

The Mirocana ICO focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to solve complex problems.

As stated on its website mirocana.com/token-sale/

“Mirocana is a complex predicting system based on deep –learning neural nets that collects, stores and analyze huge volumes of financial data.” The Mirocana ICO has three critical investment products which focus on the platform’s prediction for the stock market, fiat currency markets and the cryptocurrency markets. However, access to the markets as mentioned above is available to investors based on the number of tokens they possess. The more Miro tokens a customer has, the more the markets he would be able to have access to.

Mirocana ICO Investment Products Explained

As stated earlier, there are three primary investment vehicles that investors in the Mirocana ICO will have access to, based on the number of Miro tokens they purchase.

Mirocana Stock Market Prediction:

The system is capable of predicting over 400 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ and also, will help manage investors’ interactive broker accounts.

The top 200 investors who purchase the MIRO Token will have access to the interactive brokers.

Mirocana Currency Market Prediction:

The Mirocana system has the capability of predicting 125 currency pairs that are available with OANDA brokers, and also, the system will manage investors accounts.

Investors who purchase up to 10,000 Miro tokens will have access to the Currency prediction system and OANDA brokers.

Mirocana Cryptocurrency Market Prediction:

The Mirocana system is capable of predicting up to 90 cryptocurrency pairs listed on Poloniex and Bittrex exchanges.

Investors who purchase up to 5,000 Miro tokens would have access to the Cryptocurrencies prediction system with Poloniex and Bittrex.  

Mirocana Token Information

The Mirocana token sale runs from November 19, 2017, until December 19, 2015.

There is 200 million Miro token up for grabs, at the conversion rate of 1 Miro = 0.001 Ether.

There is a hard cap of 130 Million Miro tokens, which is 60% of the total Miro tokens.

The maximum market Cap for the Mirocana ICO project is 60,000 Ether.

Within 30days after the token sale,  the ERC20 Miro tokens may become available for trading at the exchanges.  

For more information about the Mirocana ICO visit www.mirocana.com/token-sale/


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