MIRL Token Set To Debut On The MEXC Exchange

MIRL Token Set To Debut On The MEXC Exchange

The native token MIRL, which will be listed on the cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC, can be traded there. According to available data, MEXC is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms worldwide. It supports more than 1,500 cryptocurrency transactions, and its core products include spot, leveraged ETFs, perpetual contracts, and the NFT Index, among others. Among the top 50 coins by market capitalization, it holds the top spot globally in terms of liquidity.

A Web3 project focused on clothing, dubbed MIRL. It establishes a wearable device store called MIRL DAO and issues several NFT characters in addition to MIRL tokens.

Owners of the NFTs have access to functions, can purchase physical wearables, and are eligible for MIRL token airdrops and airdrops of collaborative artists’ works. Additionally, NFT holders can benefit from their membership in MIRL DAO and participate in community governance because MIRL DAO is a decentralized protocol supporting fashion design.

With the help of creative designers, wearable NFTs, and community-driven products, MIRL brings the fashion industry into the metaverse. MIRL offers remedies that can be used to address structural issues in the current structure of the fashion industry.

The MIRL and FashionFi industries have the potential to develop by forging friendly, mutually beneficial relationships to foster a better and more accessible metaverse, even though fashion has not yet found its place in the current metaverse.


It is understood that the DAO will receive a portion of the proceeds from the MIRL e-shop and all royalties from the Genesis NFT MIRL issued, allowing other fashion designers to launch new collections for aspiring designers.

The DAO will receive all of MIRL’s future business plans in addition to revenue from the Genesis NFT secondary sale, the MIRL e-store, and the partnership with the MIRL Collection.

The information indicates that designers from H&M, SHEIN, Yahoo, Google, and Nike and individuals with relevant work experience who have specific expertise in the fields of art and fashion were co-founders of MIRL.

Bybit, Mintable, CRC Capital, DAO VC, OXO Capital, MEXC, AVStar Capital, Solanium, Dexlabs, Vistalabs, Magnet Ventures, and other well-known cryptocurrency businesses and investors are some of MIRL’s partners and backers.

In the future, MIRL will create a Wear2Earn fashion program that will enable community members to display their preferred brands or articles of clothing within the MIRL ecosystem and earn rewards through associated scenarios. MIRL will also invite brands or vendors to participate in the Wear2Earn program for the MIRL community to raise awareness of its brand.