Miracle Tele Releases Details of its TELE Token Generation Event, Token Holders to Get Lowest Call Rates

Miracle Tele Releases Details of its TELE Token Generation Event, Token Holders to Get Lowest Call Rates

Miracle Tele, a mobile virtual network operator, has revealed the details of its token sale. The firm announced that the funds that are generated from the sale of the token would be used to create a decentralized mobile network service, that is designed to change the status quo in the industry by handing over power back to the consumer.

Revolution in the Mobile Phone Industry

Mobile phone at a point was the exclusive possession of only the rich and mighty in the society, but now, virtually everybody owns a brand of mobile phone.
The life of most people is centered on the mobile phone, personal information, business, entertainment sports and lots more are some of the services offered by the mobile phone, in fact, some people cannot stay five minutes without their mobile phone.
Though the prices of the mobile phones and mobile services have reduced considerably, yet they are still expensive. This is mainly due to some logistics and infrastructures that must be in place for effective communication to take place; the burden will now be transferred to the final consumer through data and call tariffs.
Mobile companies don’t care about the final consumer, any free service that they offer will be somehow added to the fees of other packages.
Exploring the versatility of the blockchain technology, Miracle Tele allows customers from any part of the world to use its services and change the way and manner in which they communicate.

A New Form of Communication

Through the exploit of the blockchain technology, Miracle Tele does not require conventional hardware that is needed by other mobile operators to survive. The consequence of this is the considerable reduction in the cost of their operation.
The reduction in the operational cost means that their customers can enjoy calls and data services at a very reduced price.
Customers of the Mobile Tele don’t have to worry about location since it’s a virtual network that will operate in more than 162 countries in the world, all calls are treated as local calls, as call roaming is not applicable in any way whatsoever.
The token is based on Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the ERC20 compatible token, the TELE.
The Tele token is still in its distribution phase, and a total of 150,000,000 TELE is available to backers. There is no time limit to the end of the event, and there is no minimum or maximum investment limit.
The firm is planning to launch its proprietary blockchain in 2020, meaning that it can avoid the transaction cost of the Ethereum blockchain and thus provide cheaper rates to its customers.
To find out more information, please visit the website- https://miracletele.com/
Follow Miracle Tele on twitter- https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom
Check out their medium channel- https://medium.com/@miracletele.mobile/
Chat with Miracle Tele on Telegram- https://t.me/miracletelecom
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