Mini Degens Gaming Token: New Play-to-Earn Crypto Game to Storm the NFT Space

Mini Degens Gaming Token: New Play-to-Earn Crypto Game to Storm the NFT Space

Mini Degens, a new Play-to-Earn cryptocurrency video game, and ecosystem based on the Binance Smart Chain is set to find its way into the NFT space.

Mini Degens reveals plans to develop a game, NFT in-game marketplace, and official merchandise store basically for Crypto users to venture into.

The project is yet to commence functioning as the team behind the project revealed that it is still currently in development and therefore not yet available on any platform.

Although the project has its focus majorly on the gaming industry, yet it revealed that the project is open to all with an avid interest in cryptocurrency and investment. Those looking to immerse themselves into a fantasy world and earn in the process are also not excluded.

Mini Degens May Launch Fully in Mid December

According to the announcement, there are possibilities that the alpha launch of the game might happen in mid-December, 2021.


Considering the team behind Mini Degens which comprises experts in diverse fields and the variety of support the project is receiving at the preliminary stage of its development, it appears that the project will come out in full capacity by the time it would go live.

The team further revealed that the Mini Degens project also has a strong network of surrounding community links that will support it once marketing truly begins. Among the massive support Mini Degens is receiving is a partnership with a promoter with connections to a large number of Turkish investment groups.

The team presents Mini Degens as an ideal play-to-earn crypto game DeFi users should venture into saying;

“Venture into an immersive escapade that goes beyond all senses of logic, time, and reality. Embark on a journey where only a few succeed… Unravel mysteries, discover landscapes, pillage your enemies and collect Mini Degens along the way. The miniverse awaits you.”

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