Midex Exchange Token Generation Event is Live Now Join to Get Juicy Bonuses

The Midex blockchain exchange TGE is ongoing, and the first stage is almost coming to an end. MDX tokens are still available for purchase at mouth-watering prices. The MDX token is an ERC20 token built upon the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain.
The token generation event will end on April 25, 2018. Users still have a chance to get the bonuses the platform is offering.
The price for the MDX token has been broken down as follows:
17 million tokens or less: $1 per token
25 million tokens or less: $1.20
32.5 million tokens or less: $1.40
48.75 million tokens or less: $1.50
In addition to giving users passive income stream, MDX also give members other pecks such as the Midex fund which offers member 20 percent daily commissions from all operations on the exchange, as well as other benefits.
The CEO of Midex, Dmitry Machikhin has said that:

“We increased the number of the team tokens because we want to be sure about token liquidity after token sale and being more motivated to keep all tokens. In parallel, we decreased the amount of contributors’ tokens but it won’t touch anybody’s interest.”

To participate in the token sale, a user is required to sign up on the official Midex website and add their Eth wallet details. Members can trade the MDX tokens on the site, along with 50 other cryptos.
Soon, users will be able to purchase tokens with fiat currency on the platform. Midex is focused on making participation easy for all and enabling users to buy cryptos with fiat will undoubtedly be of immense benefit to all.
To better serve its members, Midex has made a significant alteration to its token distribution. The total number of tokens available for contributors has been decreased from 85 percent to 65 percent, while token reserved for bounties has been increased from 5 to 8 percent. Also, tokens reserved for the project advisors have been increased from 5% to 7%, while the team tokens are now 20%.
The team believes that these adjustments are in the best interest of all.

About Midex

Midex is based on blockchain technology. The startup offers financial services to crypto enthusiasts. All processes on Midex are handled via smart contracts, making the platform secure and transparent.
For more information visit www.ico.midex.com/#tokensale
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Email: vm@midex.com

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