MetaTreed: The World’s First Agricultural Plantation Project Connecting Southeast Asian Durian Plantation Communities With NFTs And The Metaverse

MetaTreed: The World's First Agricultural Plantation Project Connecting Southeast Asian Durian Plantation Communities With NFTs And The Metaverse

Summary: MetaTreed – A revolutionary agricultural metaverse that incorporates a blockchain model which allows NFT holders to benefit from real-world assets in a sector currently expected to grow to $8.5 billion by 2025.

SINGAPORE – JULY 12, 2022 –   MetaTreed is the world’s first innovative NFT project that adds value to real-world durian plantations. The revolutionary agricultural MetaTreed project is a work of collaboration with durian plantations and landowners in Malaysia & Thailand. The MetaTreed project provides NFT holders and land and plantation owners with a unique incentive model that assists agricultural growth and rewards participants through in-app player activities.

The innovative concept facilitates agricultural development for plantation owners via MetaTreed, which connects plantation owners to landowners, and both groups to the Web3 space. Web 3 users buy NFTs, which provide the initial capital for both MetaTreed and plantation owners to expand their land, and, thus – production output. The revenue will be funneled back into the MetaTreed, where NFT holders receive rewards from real-world production output while minimizing the costs and risks of owning a physical durian plantation.

The grand vision of MetaTreed is the adoption of durian as a fruit loved globally. Our solution involves decreasing the prices of durian globally to reduce barriers to entry and allow the global community to benefit from our core business functions.

MetaTreed will be launching its genesis series of Durian NFTs collections, which will be available for purchase on Each durian tree NFT is distinct and unique from every other. Users can select from one of the following NFTs to participate in the harvesting:


1. Golden Phoenix Durian

2. Sultan D24 Durian

3. Musang King Durian

The plantation will be an asset that participants will continue to enjoy for decades- a legacy tree that can be sold and harvested for royalties through the following:

1. Receive lasting incentives from each of the 5 development stages

2. Receive ownership rights of land in the MetaTreed Metaverse

3. Harvesting profits from actual mature durian trees

4. Co-Sharing of durian trees with the farmers and landowners

5. Increased incentives from fertilization.

6. Breeding durian trees to increase incentives.

In the MetaTreed NFT system, here are the four main utility components that enable NFT holders to attain the maximum harvest potential and increase the value of their NFTs:

1. Agriverse land: Obtain on-chain rewards for every tree planted on your land

2. Merging Core: Buy trees and seeds to acquire more seedlings for breeding and increase incentives earned

3. Tree NFT Development: Choose and grow seed from one of many available durian species to start earning incentives

4. Fertiliser NFT: Fertilisers help speed up the harvesting process for breeding

While NFT holders benefit from the MetaTreed NFT ecosystem, Farmers benefit by increased access to capital for land acquisition, which increases the production output of durians. Landowners benefit from increased land sales revenue.

About MetaTreed

MetaTreed is officially the world’s first innovative model that combines NFT and Metaverse with durian plantations in the physical world. The Agricultural Metaverse concept connects the agricultural supply chain with NFTs and the Metaverse ecosystem. The MetaTreed project is designed to link real-world assets with blockchain technology. In partnership with our local farmers and plantation owners, we aim to enhance the expansion and growth of the local agricultural business. Providing opportunities for NFT and Metaverse participants to profit share from the physical assets in return for investment funds for the local community.

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