Mercury-fx Limited Applauds The Performance Of Ripple’s XRP

Mercury-fx Limited Applauds The Performance Of Ripple's XRP

Mercury Foreign Exchange utilized their official Twitter page to applaud Ripple XRP.  The tweet which quotes their founder says that moving money with XRP is so simplified that even a newbie can do it.

Mercury-fx is a company driven with the vision to transform the international payment space, which led to its partnership with Ripple. The duo jointly moved in to explore China and Mexico utilizing the blockchain technology to eradicate the already existing traditional payment system.

“Mercury will be testing payments into China and Mexico with Ripple and we’re most excited about the potential to bring currently unconnected markets into the fast lane of global finance. Allowing people access to the international markets will create new markets and allow those currently without access to begin to trade with the global financial community and monetize their goods and services.”

The company advocates for cryptocurrency and blockchain, believing that it is the best tool to advance international payment processing.

“We believe that the more established blockchains will eventually replace the SWIFT network alongside other frankly clunky payments networks. Cryptos will be used as a conduit to replace fiat eventually.”

Since April last year that Mercury had a test run on Ripple’s xRapid, it has been planning for more advancement with Ripple.

XRP is one of the digital assets which gained favor while the bearish market lasted, the market summary today showed XRP as the only cryptocurrency in green among the top ten listed. It traded for 0.331  at 0.15% in 24 hours. The current market cap is at $13.6 billion.


XRP has received comments from so many enthusiasts who cheered its performance, just like the tweet from Mercury-fx Limited Applauds XRP Performance. Ripple is making a strong advancement in providing cross border payment solutions.