Maximalists Want XRP to Run Another Year Under $0.30 To Eliminate ‘Impatient Overnight Wanna-be Millionaires’

Maximalists Want XRP to Run Another Year Under $0.30 To Eliminate 'Impatient Overnight Wanna-be Millionaires'

The XRP market situation continues to elicit various opinions within its community. For one, the crypto’s price seems to have turned into a major bone of contention, with some suggesting that XRP isn’t as good as they hoped. Just a few weeks ago, a faction of the XRP community tried to collect petitions to drum up support for an XRP fork. As expected, that failed.

On the other hand, a good majority of XRP fans look all cheering and contented with their investment, even as the crypto’s price takes a beating. In fact, there are those, like Maximus, who are thrilled that XRP has remained under $0.30.

According to this guy, it would actually be great if XRP remained under the $0.30 mark for another year. This particular enthusiast thinks that such a scenario would work well to rid the XRP community of jokers and wanna-be millionaires who expect the price to spike overnight. 

Anything Under $1 Is A Good Deal

In a reply to the initial twitter post by Maximus, another fan chipped to add that at the moment, scoring XRP at any price below $1 is a good opportunity.

This opinion seems to have attracted the support of other aficionados. One of the commenters pointed out that during its early days, Bitcoin wasn’t worth that much, and it’s been a huge loss for those who had it and chose to spend it on cheap stuff like Pizza back in the day when the crypto was traded at mere cents. 


Judging from the huge support, it’s safe to suggest that a lot of people plan to HODL XRP for the next few years.

No Real Gains Before 2022

Indeed, according to a reply by one of the enthusiasts, XRP is expected to begin achieving a good price movement sometime in 2022 or 2023. If this scenario is to be considered, then the notion of XRP’s price remaining low for the next year could be valid.