Malta-Based Startup Aims To Bring Cryptocurrencies To Everyday Life

Malta-Based Startup Aims To Bring Cryptocurrencies To Everyday Life

Cryptocurrencies first came to our life more than ten years ago. Many of us believed that crypto payments would easily conquer the world and replace traditional transactions. However, the BIG changes didn’t come, and the use of crypto in our everyday life remained questionable. You still don’t see many people buying groceries for BTC or ordering pizza for ETH.
Does it mean that cryptocurrencies will forever remain just another risky investing instrument? The Malta-based startup WONO is aiming to change the situation. WONO is a decentralized P2P-platform for exchange or rent of any assets and services without currency and taxation expenses.
The WONO team believes that the blockchain revolution will most likely take place in the sharing economy market segment. As the idea of peer-to-peer sharing has already proved to be globally successful. What is more, it usually attracts modern-minded people forming a proper community for applying the advantages of blockchain to real life. It’s actually a natural step for any sharing economy business to go blockchain to increase the transparency and safety of the system.

“The idea sounds easy, but surprisingly nobody invented anything like this before. All blockchain projects, dealing with the P2P economy, offer tokenization of a single market niche. Using such a service, you lose all benefits of blockchain: when you withdraw earnings, you lose money on exchanges. If you convert it to fiat, you’ll have to pay taxes. WONO users won’t have such problems” – promises WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

The core idea of WONO is to provide users with endless opportunities to share and monetize anything they possess: property, vehicles, time, skills and talents. At the same time, any WONO user can receive these goods using tokens.
This means you don’t need to withdraw your WONO tokens and can get anything you need inside the platform. Remember, you don’t pay taxes for a token transaction and don’t have to exchange them to any other currency, so WONO guarantees that all the prices on the platform will be fair and a won’t be heavily taxed, as it happens on other off chain platforms.
Now, WONO team is focused on the private pre-sales and ICO is scheduled to the end of July. You can find more information at
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