How to make money with Bitcoin

So you probably now know what is bitcoin and on how you can use it in buying and selling but of course you want to also know how you can make money with it, keep on reading as i will highlight some key ways on how to easily acquire wealth with bitcoin.

how to make money with bitcoin

Below are some of the best ways to make money with bitcoin.

1.Buying and selling

This is one of the popular ways you can make money with bitcoin, once you know how to use bitcoin ,this should be very easy to you.

Buying and selling basically involves you buying bitcoin at a low price and selling it at a high price, very similar to trading bitcoin which we also explain below, feel free to ask questions on the comment box below.

2. Hold bitcoin

YES! you heard it right, hold bitcoin! ,bitcoin value has been appreciating ever since it was created by satoshi nakamoto, bitcoin price has never being the same in months, it keeps on increasing each year in value, so holding bitcoin is one of the best way to make money with bitcoin, you just have to store it in a trusted wallet and have your backup keys and phrase or possibly best use a hardware wallet like trezor or ledger nano.

3. Accept bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Bitcoin is evergreen and will in no doubt be the future of money, you can start accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment on your stores and also for donations on your donation sites, many popular sites has also keyed into the profitable aspect of accepting bitcoin as a payment method on their sites.

You might not know this, but many people actually love paying for goods and services with bitcoin and therefore this can generate more sales for you and extremely good profits in return.

4. Participate in Affiliate programs

There are many sites that you can refer people to and earn bitcoins for referring people to the sites,either for buying or selling bitcoin on the sites or to other services like web-hosting services and others, some of the sites we can recommend are

You can visit the sites above and check on their affiliate pages on how to get started.

5.Day trade Bitcoins with Altcoins

This is very similar to buying bitcoin low and selling high like i wrote on the first headline,but on this aspect  you need to know how to read charts and some technical analysis which could be quite difficult for some people.

That is why we are working on a course on how to trade cryptocurrencies and make profits from it, we will soon release it, it should go for around $10-$30 as we are offering the course for almost free and you also get 50% off the course when you pre-order .

Trading cryptocurrencies can be done or is mostly done on exchanges like poloniex,bittrex e.t.c ,but for now we recommend bittrex and poloniex, you can visit the exchanges and try to play around with it.

To pre-order for the course, shoot us an email to and we will respond almost immediately ,thanks and bookmark this page because it is regularly updated : )