Lucyd (LCD) Tokens Successfully Gets Listed on Nebula Exchange

Lucyd (LCD) Tokens Successfully Gets Listed on Nebula Exchange

Nebula cryptocurrency was launched just recently, and it’s giving investors the golden opportunity of purchasing LCD tokens before the official launch of the Lucyd platform.
Lucyd is an augmented reality smart glass manufacturer and app creator. The native crypto of Lucyd, LCD is now live on Nebula exchange and can be purchased quickly.
Nebula is a Singapore-based exchange that supports ERC20 utility tokens.
Interested users can purchase the LCD tokens on Nebula before the Lucyd’s official launch.
The LCD token will be used on the Lucyd platform, to facilitate hands-free peer-to-peer transactions, personal payments, smart glass purchases and more.
Users will mine the LCD tokens by submitting media to the platform and contributing computing power to the Lucyd network.
The LCD token enhances the functions of the platform including how AR contents are created, stored and sold.
The Co-founder of Lucyd, Harrison Gross said that:

“We want to give our community as many options as possible to join the AR revolution with Lucyd. Nebula presents an exciting opportunity to trade in LCD via a clean, streamlined interface.

The Lucyd team has announced they’d be creating their eyewear e-shop later in June 2018. They claim it will be the first shop globally to offer prescription glasses and smartglasses for crypto and fiat payments.
Lucyd Pte Ltd is focused on creating ergonomic smartglasses and a blockchain app store. With Lucyd, users can create, share and experience AR content.
The Lucyd smartglasses cater to a wide range of uses from navigation to gaming and several other uses.
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