Lucyd Establishes Strategic Partnership with INDE


The Lucyd project project has hit the ground running. Inde is the new partner of Lucyd. The new Lucyd-Inde partnership will bring a lot of benefits to both parties.
Lucyd is a specialist in augmented reality sunglasses (AR). The Lucyd team is proud to announce its partnership with INDE. The INDE team will develop innovative  AR apps for Lucyd’s smartglass platform.
Lucyd’s Media Lead, Harrison Gross has said:

“We are very excited to work together with INDE to support their AR apps on the smartglasses we are developing. We think INDE’s significant AR app development experience will enhance the utility of Lucyd Lens smartglasses once they are available.

The COO of INDE also reiterated that:

“INDE is always happy to support dynamic industry partners in AR and we’re delighted to see Lucyd adopt their intelligent approach to smartglass development. We look forward to developing content and applications  for them when they become available.”

Lucyd in Brief
Lucyd PTE Ltd is a firm focused on development of ergonomic smartglasses and a decentralised app store. Lucyd gives users an all new experience in creating and sharing AR content.
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INDE in Brief
INDE creates innovative products in the world of AR. The company has been developing location-based and mobile products. INDE’s has worked with clients in the entertainment and education fields from all over the globe.
INDE’s clients include: National Geographic, BBC, 20th century FOX, WWF and many more.
Lucyd has made an excellent choice indeed by partnering with this great AR firm. For more about INDE visit
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Meet the Team:

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