Little Big Coin from Prague Plans to shake the Crypto World

Little Big Coin from Prague Plans to shake the Crypto World

CitiCash, a Czech cryptocurrency is making the rounds, offering to integrate crypto with the Fiat market
In 2018, cryptocurrencies has seen its fair share of troubled waters with values zig-zagging across the graph. The market has been subdued a little due to the concerns around the rather  little to no evidence suggesting a cryptocurrency’s usability in everyday life.
Fortunately, as the crypto scene progresses, more an more enthusiasts have realized the need for a practically feasible blockchain/crypto solution. And as neglected as the functionality in the real world has been, a lot of progress is being made behind the scenes, with new solutions to help propel cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.
On that note, CitiCash, a coin from Prague has offered a solution to the industry. A cryptocurrency project founded to Unblock the Blockchain’, CitiCash focuses on serving everyday people by offering a simple transaction solution and making it easy for anybody to enter the world of digital currency.
 Little Big Coin from Prague Plans to shake the Crypto World
So what exactly makes CitiCash attractive?

  • CitiCash can be used across financial markets
  • It offers integration with Fiat currency and linking with debit cards to make usage more integrated with regular purchases
  • It has a great User Experience (UX) which is simple and is based on internet banking
  • Exceptional level of security and anonymity
  • Faster, cheaper and easier money transfers

Not only does the currency present a simpler way to use cryptocurrencies, it also will be available for payments both within and outside the crypto-world. That means that as a crypto enthusiast, you can dabble with different currencies on the market but at the same time you can use the CitiCash coin and wallet to make payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors. It is that simple.
And quite evidently, crypto’s lacklustre performance over the past year could use the mass adoption by regular folks. Apparently, CitiCash’s innovation could provide a solution to the crypto market’s predicament.
The company launched the pre-sale of CitiCash coins on the 1st of September at 12 am CET. You can learn more about the company on their website or read through their whitepaper to get a gist of the coin and CitiCash’s solution.