LH-Crypto Enters Post ICO


31 December 2017 marked the end of the main, but not final phase of the LH-Crypto ICO. The project developers have divided the ICO campaign into three phases – Pre ICO, ICO and Post ICO. The first two phases are complete, and today we begin our final, third phase – Post ICO.
Post ICO is the final phase of the LH-Crypto project that will help Larson&Holz round off its ICO crowdfunding campaign, prepare to launch its actual project and do the necessary work for the #LHCOIN to get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. During this phase all of the earlier unsold tokens will also be up for sale.
During the LH-Crypto ICO campaign over 10 000 participants from 50 countries invested over $6 million US dollars in the project. All the Pre ICO participants and 75% of the ICO participants were eligible for the Early Bird Bonus program and received over $500 000 US dollars.
They were free to use their dividends at their own discretion – be it to reinvest and receive additional tokens or withdraw after the end of the ICO campaign. A lot of our ICO participants attracted other investors to participate in the project through the referral system, and received their rightful bonuses.
The LH-Crypto project was devised by Larson&Holz as a means of creating the first broker ever to keep all settlements and payments in cryptocurrency. The platform’s use of the blockchain and smart contract technologies will allow its users to enjoy fast and secure zero-fee transactions.
Along with its ICO campaign Larson&Holz continues developing its cryptocurrency version of a forex broker. At the time of writing test cryptocurrency accounts are set up and are ready to allow the broker’s clients to trade all kinds of instruments using the MetaTrader professional trading platform.
Furthermore, the company’s White Paper was improved and amended by the world renowned trading experts Joseph Steinberg and Pavel Salas. On top of that the project developers have managed to visit over ten industry conventions all over the world and sign partnerships with forex service providers across four regions.
The Post ICO phase is scheduled to run through 1 to 31 January 2018. #LHCOIN token sales during that time will build upon an improved version of the Early Bird Bonus program that has worn well with the project audience.
The program implies the token price will rise 5 times over the Post ICO period. With each token price boost investors from the previous stages will receive the price difference in the form of dividends, and by the time #LHCOIN hits the exchanges its value should rise 50% and allow investors to receive additional profits. You can find the price growth charts for #LHCOIN on our website at  https://lh-crypto.io.
#LHCOIN token sale by Larson&Holz ends 31 January 2018, exchanges will be the only places where you will be able to buy the #LHCOIN tokens after the sale is over. February 2018 will see all of the LH-Crypto project tokens, including bonuses, accrued to our investors accounts. The project’s team will also continue working on its main objective – creating a cryptocurrency broker for forex traders.

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