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Great opportunities demand great learning. Credible cryptocurrency education in a fragmented and volatile space is a necessity. With numerous opportunities to learn bitcoin trading, education comes at a premium price. But that’s not always the case thanks to ExtraCredit and BitcoinHomework. Beyond market signals, twitter announcements and Wall Street rumors lies a new undertaking. Enter the world of tokenized learning.

ExtraCredit is the best first step for people who want to learn bitcoin trading. Beyond that, it allows the cryptocurrency to aficionado the ability to earn free tokens. Think of its program as a mixture of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and bitcoin. Market volatility can garner unbelievable gains but also result in unfathomable losses. The cryptocurrency trading sphere is a very risky proposition. That’s why a group of cryptocurrency master traders decided to share valuable expertise. Of course, it is by no means an altruistic act. It’s an offer that allows all to participate in gaining valuable experience in a minimum risk environment. The project seeks to reward those who want to learn bitcoin through “free tokens”.

Golden Opportunities in the Bounty Program

The ExtraCredit initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale will soon be underway. To garner positive feedback from the community, a bounty program has been launched. This will allow everyone who believes in the project’s mission and vision to reap the benefits. There are many ways to participate:

2% of the ExtraCredit tokens sold are directed for the bounty pool. (Roughly $800,000)
60% of the pool will be for the signature campaign.
15% will be given for translation.
10% for the twitter campaign
5% for the Facebook campaign
10% for the article and video campaign

The program has reaped tremendous offers of help from the entire crypto sphere. General acceptance is positive given the nature of the niche to be served. Education in the cryptocurrency arena will pave the way for greater participation. Greater participation in cryptocurrencies can only serve for the betterment of the whole space.

Why Learn Bitcoin Trading?

Getting free tokens while learning about bitcoin and trading is great. But the underlying reasons hold better promise. There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms out there starting from Poloniex, Bittrex, GDAX and more. Quite recently, Coinbase and GDAX have been embroiled in allegations of insider trading. This comes at the forefront of an announcement regarding Bitcoin Cash. Of course, one cannot forget the infamous Mt. Gox insolvency. The bottom line is the risk is real. When billions of dollars are at risk, it pays to learn bitcoin trading in a risk-free environment.

Beyond Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Time and again, it is the momentous movements, announcements, and trades of various players that affect the price of any given currency. When Mt.Gox fell into the deep waters of insolvency, bankruptcy and fraud allegations, the price of bitcoin jumped off a cliff. When famous billionaires and financial industry behemoths make a tweet, the price of bitcoin can go either up or down. This is by no means, an oversimplification of the process of price movements. Rather, taking full note of all the factors that can and will affect them is the prudent choice.

Imagine if Amazon.com suddenly makes an announcement that it will use cryptocurrencies in its platform. What would happen if the US government decides to use cryptocurrencies in exchange of the dollar standard? What scenario could play out if the entire economic system uses bitcoin?

These and many more need careful study and instruction from industry insiders who know how the market moves. A comprehensive grasp of the basics is needed. Fundamental concepts involving core ideas will give the astute trader an advantage.

Free tokens for the bitcoin learner

Once the ExtraCredit program is fully underway, free tokens will be granted to participants. Participants can then, later on, use these to practice what they have learned. Plans to list ExtraCredit in cryptocurrency exchanges are underway.

There’s a triple benefit to having tokenized education. The first two we have already mentioned. The last benefit to having these tokens is the possibility for future appreciation. Think of them as stocks in a company you believe will pave the future. Holding on to these tokens could prove to be a wise investment apart from getting educated about them. It really is a win-win-win scenario.

Prospects for the future

Anybody who’s anybody in the crypto space knows that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay in the long run. The many times that people thought bitcoin is a bubble, a scam or simply “magical Internet money” has long been disproven. Bitcoin keeps coming back, stronger, better and ever more resilient. Governments have tried to control it. Regulators seek to undermine it. Traditional banking and financial institutions always find ways to discredit it. But this time it will be different. The coming age would be the age of cryptocurrencies.

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