KX.finance Announces Upcoming DeFi/DEX Aggregator Launch On APTOS/SUI Blockchain

KX.finance Announces Upcoming DeFi/DEX Aggregator Launch On APTOS/SUI Blockchain

KX.finance team is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their new Aptos/Sui-based DeFi/DEX tool and aggregator with aggregation capabilities.

According to the LitePaper from the official website, this innovative new product will offer aggregation capabilities and solve three pain points of existing DEX and Aggregators: 

  1. End users can earn crypto in several x-to-earn ways and have fun with more DeFi games, just like PancakeSwap.
  2. For liquidity providers (LP): They can get more capital usage efficiency and lower cost.
  3. For all users: They plan to provide more “old” world tradable assets to APTOS/SUI users with bridge and new asset types.

The company is aiming to expand its user base. On the consumer side, they have shifted certain PancakeSwap-like games to the Aptos and Sui ecosystem. The product looks more appealing to potential customers with the increased investment of Binance Labs in Aptos. 

Now, Users of KX.finance’s exchange will be able to earn and spend KX tokens through a variety of in-game actions. 

KX.finance is committed to providing its consumers with a more comprehensive trading experience. In addition, it aims to improve the services offered to liquidity providers through its platform. In the EVM ecosystem, Uniswap has done perfect swap work on it, with some EVM limits. Now, APTOS & SUI MoveVM Runtime has some fantastic features that support KX.finance and can do more complex things like: 

  1. Improve the capital usage effectivity in the v2 way.
  2. Cost down, reduce the time and fee expenses associated with changing positions in a v3 way, KX.finance is coming up with a new rebalancing liquidity redistribution algorithm.

The goal is to simplify and streamline LPs’ participation, increasing liquidity providers’ capital usage efficiency and decreasing the expenses of time, handling, and human management.

In addition, the product roadmap expands to include more blockchain assets and DeFi solutions. By using existing cross-chain bridges or creating their own, they expect to facilitate asset trades. First, they will establish a connection between the DeFi and assets on the BSC/ETH blockchain to KX.finance through Bridge so that they may execute cross-chain asset transactions based on the extremely high TPS blockchain.

Besides the EIP-3525 and SFT concept assets now in development, the plan is to add even more asset classes for trading. Because of the qualitative nature of NFT, it can be challenging to evaluate and trade NFT assets in bulk based on quantity alone.

Because of the qualitative nature of NFT, it can be difficult to evaluate and trade NFT assets in bulk based on quantity alone. To improve the liquidity of NFT assets held by end users, KX.finance aspires to facilitate SFT transactions on DEX. Naturally, LP NFT assets held by LPs may also be pledged through borrowed or otherwise available money.

Overall, Aptos/Sui has made significant contributions to Layer 1 innovation, and KX.finance has an excellent capacity to develop the next generation of DeFi/DEX aggregators based on their excellent work.

What is KX.finance?

KX.finance is an upcoming DeFi/DEX Aggregator built on Aptos/Sui blockchain to aid in the launch of projects and manage yields for users of the platform. The product rebalances the algorithm by providing LP with a deeper liquidity service infrastructure than other products on the Aptos/Sui blockchain ecosystem. This was done by supporting new types of EIP-3525 and SFT asset transactions and cross-chain transactions, thereby creating a safe, liquid digital asset economy for users and LP partners.

The platform allows users to get more KX tokens in x-to-earn ways, liquidity providers earn more trade fees via an optimized rebalance algorithm, and of course, the ability to trade almost any asset with a single DEX.

To learn more about KX.finance, visit:

Website: https://www.kx.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kxfinance 

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kkGQhbmtD9 

Telegram: https://t.me/KXFinance