Kora Utilizing Tezos Blockchain To Power Its Carbon Footprint App

Kora Utilizing Tezos Blockchain To Power Its Carbon Footprint App

Today, Kora, an app that rewards users for lowering their carbon footprint, announced an investment from the Tezos Foundation and utilised the Tezos blockchain, which uses less energy, to power the application.

The Kora app encourages actions that benefit the environment and assists people, businesses, and organizations in calculating and lowering their carbon footprints. When users take steps to lessen their carbon footprint, such as biking, switching to renewable energy sources, or using public transportation, they are rewarded with Koras.

The Kora app will offer data and payment security via Tezos, a resource-efficient open-source blockchain network supported by a globally decentralized network of users and validators.

“Kora is becoming the most accurate real-time platform for measuring and validating behaviour change. Ensuring that our users’ data and payment information is safe and secure has been a critical milestone in developing our platform. Furthermore, the low-carbon Tezos blockchain enables secure validation of climate action. As a pioneer of the Proof-of-Stake blockchain revolution, and with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry with an annual footprint equal to that of 17 persons, Tezos was the obvious blockchain of choice for Kora,” says Kora CEO & Co-Founder Gilad Regev.

Gilad continues, “The support from the Tezos Foundation of Kora is a pivotal moment in the growth of Kora, one which will help propel it as both an app- and a movement- to new heights, and we look forward to working with Tezos in this exciting chapter of our development. ”

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Companies and developers worldwide use Tezos for projects looking into how blockchain technology might be used as a tool for sustainable innovation. According to a recent announcement from Cambridge University, a trustworthy decentralized marketplace on Tezos that connects corporate funders to conservationists via automated and transparent global oracles is being built by the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C). Buyers of carbon credits will be able to confidently and directly fund dependable nature-based projects using this market. As part of their partnership, Kora joins the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) as another notable Tezos blockchain-based carbon reduction initiative.