Kirik Blockchain Meta-Protocol Rewards Football Fans with Exciting Prizes

Kirik Blockchain Meta-Protocol Rewards Football Fans with Exciting Prizes

The Kirk team is giving football lovers exciting prizes this season. Still basking in the euphoria of the 2018 World Cup ongoing in Russia, the firm is giving out mouthwatering promotional offers to fans this football season.
Those who partake will have an opportunity to win the Kirik token for free without any form of payment.
As the World Cup is slowly coming to an end with lots of tension in the air, Football fanatics and those watching for leisure are undoubtedly keeping their fingers crossed.
Football game is indeed an interesting one but more exciting when people can wager; earn and enjoy themselves at the same time. This is exactly the goal of Kirik this football season.
To get free KRK tokens, visit and place a bet.
Anyone who is able to make an accurate prediction will win a whopping sum of 100KRK tokens.
Interestingly, anyone who is able to make good predictions on all the matches remaining they stand a chance to keep winning 100KRKs for every game.
That’s not all; followers also stand a chance to win big in the 10x winning offer.
This is also a simple procedure which will require followers to introduce just ten people to participate or deposit 1,000 dollars in the promo.
When this is done, the person’s winnings in the game so far will be given a multiplier effect of 1000% aside from the free tokens which have been won by the player.
The watchword and basis upon which this project is founded is “fairness” to ensure that no form of deceitful activity is entertained, All those who are taking part in the Kirik promo must be properly “whitelisted”, and verified at

About Kirik

The company is majorly into meta-protocol that helps to link Blockchain and legacy networks. The project is aimed at developing a global blockchain network to boost crypto adoption.
The Kirik MVP is already assisting a wide range of individuals, and the team hopes to still reach out to more people.
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