KICK.IO Becomes New Haven of Cardano “Venture Capitalists”

KICK.IO Becomes New Haven of Cardano “Venture Capitalists”

As the returns from top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum start to dwindle due to the maturity of the crypto space, investors are now looking to newer projects with greater potential of immense progress. This has made both retail and institutional investors diversify their portfolios to include a good number of these new projects.

To help venture capitalists maximize investments in the crypto space, the KICK.IO Launchpad and Project Accelerator team is working on a system that will highlight new projects that have the potential to contribute significantly to the future of DeFi.

Why choose KICK.IO?

Lower Seed-Stage prices

The KICK.IO team is made up of experienced professional DeFi and traditional finance experts. These are all working to make sure that new projects on the platform are profitable to both the owners and the investors. Consequently, their initial seed-stage prices for tokens are much lower than those for other launchpads.

This allows venture capitalists the potential to make huge gains when the prices eventually go up after the public listing. This is particularly important if the project eventually succeeds in the long term. Cardano’s potential of soon entering a bull market also increases the chances of success for such projects.


Project credibility 

KICK.IO tries to protect its investors and their investments. It is to this end that the platform ensures that all projects launched are credible. They are carefully scrutinized and handpicked by a team of experienced finance experts. They also undergo a series of due diligence checks to weed out the fraudsters and over-promisers.

The due diligence team roots out unreliable projects using red flags such as promises of unrealistic returns or fake endorsements and the team behind the project to ensure only those that can make meaningful contributions to the Cardano ecosystem get to the fundraising stage.

Fully decentralized

KICK.IO is guided by the principle of decentralization, even in the fundraising process. Funds raised are distributed directly to projects, tokens purchased are sent directly to the personal wallets of users without burdensome checks or unnecessary delays. The platform also ensures inclusiveness by ensuring that efforts benefit all stakeholders.