Kepler Technologies Set to Disrupt the AI World with it Decentralized Robotics and Artificial Intelligence System.


Kepler is here to create a decentralized ecosystem that builds robots and combines AI with blockchain technology in an innovative way to solve world problems.
Kepler will create an asset-backed platform that will liberate the market, using predictive algorithms, analytics and data science.
Kepler is a Georgia-based blockchain startup that is determined to create a platform where AI and Robotics developers can all meet and use the technical and financial resources they need in bringing their inventions to life.
The platform is focused on accelerating taking robotics and AI to the next level via a global technology marketplace and collaborative system.
With the use of analytics, data science predictive algorithms deployed on the blockchain, Kepler Technologies will bring viable investment opportunities to investors, through highly liquid tokenized assets.
The Kepler Dream
Kepler Technologies will build the largest robotics laboratory in the world shortly. The Georgian government reform policy backs the platform.
Kepler Technologies will also create a blockchain acceleration and incubation platform that all inventors and developers from all around the world can use to bring their blockchain-based solutions to life.
All developers and inventors will be able to collaborate with people of like minds in polishing, prototyping, patenting and marketing of their solutions via the Kepler technologies platform.
The KEP Token
The KEP token is the native currency of the Kepler Technologies ecosystem. It’s an ERC20 token and will be used by users of the platform to purchase the company’s products at cheaper rates, voting for projects, and funding proposals for inventors and developers.
Dividends will be distributed to backers after the completion of each project. Both tangible and intangible assets back the Kepler project.
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