Kaspersky Detects threat from North Korean hackers group 'Lazarus' Against a Crypto Exchange

Kaspersky Detects threat from North Korean hackers group 'Lazarus' against a Crypto Exchange

At the beginning of the third quarter of this year, researchers discovered that hackers were impersonating known personalities in the crypto work, in chats in crypto groups in Slack and Discord. This was done when users download links they gave in chat Conversations.

A group of hackers known as the Lazarus group based in North Korea is suspected to be involved in this after they have previously tried to still cryptocurrency funds from South Korea cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinlink, YouBit and Bithumb by using their malware.

Just few hours ago, one of the world’s best manufacturers of anti malware and antivirus, a Russian internet security firm reported that this group of hackers had infected an undisclosed crypto exchange with the malware which is affecting window and macOs.

This was made possible after an employee of the exchange downloaded a fake app that was tainted with the malware in a fake SSL certified website. The name of the malware is called AppleJeus.

A statement from the Russian internet security company, Kaspersky stated that in order to “ensure that the OS platform was not an obstacle to infecting targets, it seems the attackers went the extra mile and developed malware for other platforms, including for macOS,” noting:


“A version for Linux is apparently coming soon, according to the website. It’s probably the first time we see this APT group using malware for macOS.” In an interview with a Computer firm, head of Kaspersky’s GReAT APAC team,Vitaly Kamluk said that:

“The fact that they developed malware to infect macOS users in addition to Windows users and – most likely – even created an entirely fake software company and software product in order to be able to deliver this malware undetected by security solutions, means that they see potentially big profits in the whole operation.”