Justin Sun ups Tron’s bug bounty program to $10 million

Justin Sun ups Tron’s bug bounty program to $10 million

The Tron Foundation has raised its bug bounty program for its mainnet higher than any other platform has yet to offer.  Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, said that the Tron Foundation is looking to find any “potential technical vulnerabilities.”
With its mainnet release pending, Justin Sun is showing that he wants to ensure that Tron’s product is safe and secure but also showing confidence that his company’s tech will hold up to.

“We are looking for developers who specialize in global network security to help make TRON MainNet one of the most secure public blockchains in the industry and provide a stable infrastructure for future DApps to be deployed on the MainNet,” said Sun. “We take the security of our platform very seriously.”

Sun is urging anyone who is able to breach Tron’s protocol to come forward immediately and collect their prize.  Aside from his serious message, he also hyped up the news on Twitter and other social media outlets in typical Tron fashion.  

“Calling all developers! #TRON main net is live on #github and we’re offering up to $100K in #bugbounty rewards. Bring your A game.”

This comes just after EOS had their bugs exposed. The tech  and internet security company Qihoo 360, and its Vulcan Team, recently discovered a key vulnerability in the EOS blockchain platform.  
Qihoo 360 says that the security issues they discovered are “on an epic scale.” Furthermore, the vulnerabilities that have been discovered can allow for code on the EOS platform to be executed remotely on EOS nodes.  This means that a remote attack can let potential malicious actors control or alter all nodes running on EOS.
It is possible that these vulnerabilities scared Justin Sun into upping his bounty program, but if he knows Tron’s code is up to snuff this will serve as a huge advertisement for Tron leading up to the release of its mainnet.