John Dalli-backed QuickX Primed to Revolutionize the World

John Dalli-backed QuickX Primed to Revolutionize the World

Since the inception of digital monies, there has always been controversies while so many accepted it so many others had it under strict scrutiny as many agencies and institutions were established to monitor it in order to avoid fraudulent acts.
All TGEs that have ever been conducted has been under strict regulations, notwithstanding; taking its stand, Malta’s former Minister of Finance happens to be one of the big whales pledging his allegiance to ICOs.
Former finance minister of Malta, John Dalli is giving his full support to the QuickX project and is unshaken about it.

Cryptos for All

Project QuickX is aimed at resolving four major issues to ensure cryptocurrencies gain more adoption as legal tender.
These problems include:
Transaction Cost- One major score points for tokens was that it could be qualified as a singular global currency with exchange rates having no hold over it.
Unfortunately, when it was almost approaching its greatest height access to  Bitcoin’s Blockchain became very luxurious particularly for seemingly small figures.
QuickX hopes to level the grounds and give users minimal transaction fees.
Another problem it aims to solve is Scalability-as QuickX will ensure that there is little or no resistance when carrying out transactions making it possible for huge transactions to be executed in seconds.
Time and Speed is also another issue that QuickX hopes to bury as Blockchain generally costs so much to make a purchase with nothing less than 3-6 confirmations for it to be successfully carried out. This also inadvertently slows its speed.
QuickX, however, will integrate facilitators who will provide liquidity into the Virtual world and offload large transactions from the chain; this automatically decreases time and while speed is doubled.
Lastly, the issue of Cross Chain Transactions also will be dealt with- as it is a difficult task when converting one currency to another with too many protocols. QuickX, with the help of its pooled facilitators, will make this process simple and straight.
With QuickX, users can easily trade digital currencies at a very profitable rate on the exchange.
Even though this project is an off chain activity, all the transactions will be accurately saved on the Blockchain with attractive incentives for those who contribute their resources to ensure high speed.

The Brains behind the Project

No doubt some companies have fizzled out after the creation of a “fast and scalable” payments community for tokens.
It is worthy of note that it will require nothing but determined and skilled sets of individuals for the QuickX project to thrive, and that is exactly what the team is made up off to make sure that the goals and vision of the project is a success story.
The Adhalakha brothers are taking the team lead of over 20+ members. The team leaders have worked with firms like Vodafone and Comviva.
With a well-balanced stance between Blockchain and technology talent the team is highly credible.
Some of the advisory board members include seasoned advocates like George Kimionis CEO of Coinomi, Jorge Sebastiao CTO Ecosystem at Huawei Technologies and Sang Jae Seo Ceo of Payx, Steve Tsao, President of GigaMedia, NASDAQ member and of course John Dalli Former Minister of Finance, Malta.

John Dallis Interest in QuickX token

With various assurance put forward by digital currency in the past with few achieved, QuickX token seems to be the lord that can accomplish all, with its up to date and unique model to make Blockchain activities frictionless and an excellent team to ensure its visions and goals are appropriately carried out.
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