Jack Dorsey And Michael Saylor Struggle to Convince Boxing Legend Mike Tyson To Choose Bitcoin Over Ethereum

Jack Dorsey And Michael Saylor Struggle to Convince Boxing Legend Mike Tyson To Choose Bitcoin Over Ethereum

Billionaire Jack Dorsey and Michael Saylor have been top Bitcoin proponents for a while now, and part of their regular Twitter discourse includes evangelists educating their counterparts and other big names about Bitcoin.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson yes Bitcoin and Ethereum

Very recently, both CEOs’ joined the race to draw in boxing legend Mike Tyson, into the Bitcoin market, after Tyson quizzed the public on which asset they preferred between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The former heavyweight boxing star, who had held all of the heavyweight boxing titles and was globally branded the heavyweight champion of the world back in the late 1980s’ is already a fan of NFTs.

After joining the market like other high-profiled celebrities, he set out to launch his first NFT line on the 8th of July, but it seems like the boxing legend wants more from crypto, hence his inquiry about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin proponents battle to sway Tyson to the market

Although he did not outrightly state that he was investing in any of the assets, going by the large number of Bitcoin proponents flooding his tweets, he’s likely to learn a lot more about Bitcoin than any other asset, thanks to Jack Dorsey and Michael Saylor.


Referring to Tyson on the “Bitcoin is hope” website, Saylor revealed that he was in the same boat as Tyson, before he made his first Bitcoin purchase.

In his words;

Mike, I spent more than a thousand hours considering this question and chose bitcoin. So far, I have purchased $2.9 billion in BTC because I think it’s the future of digital property.”

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey quickly followed up Saylor’s tweet with a link on Bitcoin education for beginners. On the other hand, BSV proponent Calvin Ayre proposed BSV over BTC and ETH, while others proposed both.

How much influence do Bitcoiners have in the traditional market?

Clearly, Bitcoiners have an upper hand in influencing newbies from the traditional market who are looking to take a chance on Bitcoin, mostly because of Bitcoin’s wide adoption rate. 

While altcoins also have a large number of proponents, many big names who are looking to minimize risk tend to lean towards assets with large market caps like Bitcoin. Interestingly, many still argue that Bitcoin may not benefit from this grace if it loses its spot at the first position. But whether that is or isn’t the case, must be left to time. But again, a handful of Bitcoiners are certain that such a time (when Bitcoin is not the most valued asset by market cap) will never come.