Is The Future “Dominant Bridge Currency In The World” Ripple’s XRP?

Why Banks Will Turn to Ripple And XRP

Ripple and XRP are known to get a lot of support from their vast community on social media. It’s no secret that XRP enthusiasts believe that the digital asset will act as a bridge between the traditional financial and cryptocurrency world.

Ripple believers feel that XRP delivers where other cryptocurrencies do not. They think XRP’s speed and liquidity make it the perfect asset to link currencies all over the world.

Santiago Velez, on Twitter, expanded on what the theory of being a bridge currency entails.

He goes on to predict that XRP will probably not be widely used by everyday consumers.

He goes in to explain that XRP could be the key to create a liquid representation of all human assets.


Still, others imagine a future where XRP is all encompassing and is spent on a daily basis by average consumers.

Acceptance of XRP in a free market situation is what most XRP enthusiasts still believe will push the value of the digital asset.

It seems that cryptocurrency enthusiasts most believe, or at least want to believe, that the ability to spend tokens freely and easily will be the biggest catalyst for the price climbing.

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