Introducing the Unicrypt Network: New Website Better Services

Introducing the Unicrypt Network: New Website Better Services

Unicrypt is a Defi platform launched in 2020 to ensure proper service provision in crypto. There was a need for a reliable crypto launchpad, which does not discriminate against projects.

Unicrypt introduced a decentralized launchpad which has already helped over a dozen projects, including Graphlinq. The launchpad uses autonomous systems to ensure that all upcoming projects get a fair opportunity to go mainstream. 

Recent statistics show that the platform had around 653k visitors in May, and the numbers are continually increasing. Unicrypt is launching a new website as the team plans to go public in a few weeks. The launch of this new website is to help cater for the increasing numbers. 

These new features will include token vesting and token minting. Token minting and vesting will interact well with the ILO launchpad to increase convenience pre and post ILOs. Token minter will help create new tokens for the upcoming projects. The vesting option will help release the locked tokens to protect them from manipulation. 

Unicrypt has other features that make it stand out against competitors. One such service is the dual token system.


Unicrypt’s Dual Tokens

When the project first announced its release, the UNC token was the native platform token. However, Unicrypt decided to introduce a dual token system involving two tokens, the UNCX and UNCL tokens. 

Each of the two tokens provides unique services. UNCX is currently the primary utility token of the entire Unicrypt network. All UNCX token holders can participate in voting for the growth and development of the Unicrypt network. 

UNCX is deflationary thus the token holders will enjoy the long-term reliability of the token. Unicrypt implants a token burning system that will help ensure the token continually rises in value. The second token option is UNCL, a yield farming token, where investors farm the token and earn rewards. UNCL, unlike UNCX, is an inflationary token.

Both the UNCL and UNCX tokens are requirements when participating in Presale rounds on Unicrypts launchpad. A user shall hold either 3UNCX tokens or 50 UNCL tokens. UNCX token values have been increasing, hitting around $500. Moreover, the current market cap of the token is about $16 million, and there are about 31.6k tokens circulating today.

Unicrypt Protect’s the Investors Through Audits

As a way of protecting the average investor against malicious trading activities, Unicrypt introduces system auditors. The auditors will help inform the investor of the reliability of crypto projects.

Currently, there are several auditors selected who can audit upcoming projects and give a verdict on their legitimacy. These auditors can either report if the project is high risk (probable scam), minor warning, or verified(from a coding perspective). 

An auditors’ opinion on an investment can help investors make the right investment decisions. The auditors post their reports on their Twitter pages, thus it’s easy to access their verdicts. 

These audit reports can also help the project developers make the required changes and upgrade their systems. Accordingly, the auditors can help the individual developers with advice on tokenomics models, liquidity, and many more issues. 

The provision of auditors in the launchpad will help protect investors from scams. However, before investing, you should do vast research on the project. As team Unicrypt plans to go public, this is the best time to invest in the UNCX token and be part of a great future.