International Women’s Day Commemorated by the LBank Exchange

International Women's Day Commemorated by the LBank Exchange

The LBank exchange, a leading global digital asset exchange, joined the females’ world widely to celebrate International Women’s Day with the mantra #break the bias. The exchange has female staff who hold essential roles and ensure global development and expansion.

International Women’s Day was established to honor and uplift women while celebrating their achievements. The main objective of IWD was to continuously fight for women’s rights and curb gender discrimination in the workplace which was and still is a challenge in society.

Since LBank exchange was founded in 2015, it has been honoring and supporting women in the workplace and aims to do more in the future. The digital asset exchange symbolizes a workplace that is determined to break discrimination and stereotypes and aims to ensure equality, inclusion, and diversity.

Many women have been engaging with the LBank exchange platform. Currently, women have been participating in the crypto industry as developers, marketers, founders, and designers, thus the LBank exchange’s involvement in their celebrations. Also, blockchain technology aims to ensure decentralization and equalization in the crypto ecosystem. Thus, it is in its best interest to continue empowering them for a sustainable future.

The CEO of LBank Global, Allen Wei, organized a celebration party for all the females in the company to commemorate International Women’s Day. The company celebrated the day with accompaniments such as cakes, drinks, and pizza in a serene atmosphere and, notably, continued to break the gender bias in the workplace. The CEO talked about the hard work and commitment the female staff put to ensuring that LBank Global remains at the forefront of the global map and how they are a significant part of the team.