INGOT Coin Revolutionary Blockchain Project Successfully Hit Soft Cap Target

INGOT Coin Revolutionary Blockchain Project Successfully Hit Soft Cap Target

The INGOT Coin team has announced the successful completion of their INGOT token presale that generated a whopping $40 million from more 6,000 backers.
The INGOT project is aimed at bridging the gap between new cryptocurrency markets and existing financial markets with their groundbreaking DLT-based system that allows users to transact seamlessly.
Now, the INGOT team has successfully hit their soft cap target of $40 million.
With the new found war chest, the ingot team has made it clear that they have gotten an inch closer to making their dream of a decentralized exchange, a reality.
The TGE continues until August 11, 2018, and all interested participants are advised to join the winning INGOT team now.
The Ingot Coin team are determined to make Ingot Coin rank among the top ten cryptocurrencies globally. Amidst that backdrop, they are continually hard at work, trying to accelerate the development and reach of INGOT Coin throughout the world.
The main sale is live now, to participate, visit
At a time when many have lost trust in cryptocurrency projects due to the incessant cases of frauds, heists and hacks, INGOT is developing an interconnected global community of trust and cooperation with its highly transparent platform.
INGOT is poised to give power back to the people by making them take absolute control of their finances.
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