INGOT Coin: Bridging the Gap between Blockchain Money and Legacy Finance Systems

INGOT Coin: Bridging the Gap between Blockchain Money and Legacy Finance Systems

INGOT is a revolutionary blockchain-based all-inclusive platform that Is focused on merging cryptocurrency with traditional finance ecosystem, with its bank and IC brokerage.
INGOT Coin is set to implement its native IC currency and exchange with its IC brokerage.
The INGOT team is determined to resuscitate the lost glory of both markets by creating 6 major components to work in tandem.
The components include IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator.
Users of the platform will be able to use the IC Digital Bank and the IC Wallet to transfer and spend their virtual currencies in everyday life scenarios.
Stakeholders will also receive tremendous benefits, and several experts will help develop the platform.
The Director of INGOT Group, Iman Mutlaq reiterated that:

“INGOT Coin will create a complete solution by integrating 6 core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop-shop for the digital asset, traditional asset, and currency markets.”

INGOT Coin will provide 24/7 support for users in addition to providing linkage between markets. It will eliminate time wastage and costs associated with previously segregated markets.
The CEO of INGOT Coin, Ahmed Khawnky explains the purpose of the ecosystem. in his words:

“INGOT Coin will make trading direct, cost-efficient, less timely and more available round the clock by utilizing distributed technologies and discarding the issues brought by third-party intermediaries and banks such as high fees, unavailability, and time consumption. Being in the market since 1993, we can see that as technology progresses, the more efficient the markets are.”

The IC platform will provide custodial and brokerage services that will encompass all traditional financial tools needed.
All wallets will be linked with the IC exchange to allow users trade cryptocurrency and expand or liquidate their assets via the IC Bank.
INGOT has been around the finance ecosystem since 1993, providing a vast array of services including ETFs, international shares, and indices, commodities, metals, energies, and currencies.
INGOT also introduced short-selling in the Middle East and North Africa instruments.
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