InfoSec Manager Mike McCarthy: Tron Network Could Hit 5.8 Million Daily Transactions In 2019

Tron’s Mainnet Just Clocked 2.5 Million Active Accounts

The crypto space is still active even though a lot of the top coins have dipped in terms of price. In fact, people, especially prominent crypto fans, have been dishing out their opinions and even sharing their forecasts on what could happen in the industry in the near future. 

One such person is Mike McCarthy. Mike is an enthusiast of the blockchain technology and a member and supporter of the BitTorrent and Tron (TRX) communities.  He’s also the manager at InfoSec. In his view, Tron is the most widely used blockchain network and there are good indications that its future is very bright. 

Huge Transaction Volume

In a tweet, Mike shared his forecast on the Tron network. From the look of it, Mike is abundantly expectant of a good Tron surge in the coming months preceding December and the end of 2019.

In his prediction, he focused mainly on the number of daily transactions handled by the Tron network. Mike foresees an imminent and exponential increase in the number of these transactions.

In his opinion, Tron could be handling upwards of 4.9 million transactions daily by the 31st of December 2019 – and that’s just being conservative. 


Going on, he claimed that optimistically, the Tron network could achieve a daily transaction volume as high as 5.8 million. That’s almost 6 million transactions processed every day. Mike’s forecast is particularly interesting considering that Tron is currently handling just about $378 million transactions daily. 

Side Note

One thing is noticeable from the current market setting: the prices are still low. However, the market is still active, and judging from the growing crypto and Tron community, predictions like Mike’s could play out into their truth if the much-hyped expectations of an imminent and massive crypto bull run come to pass.