Influencio Community Is Diving In With Its Metaverse Initiative

Influencio Community Is Diving In With Its Metaverse Initiative

Summary: Influencio community is diving into the US$800 billion addressable market with its metaverse initiative led by its Chief Advisor, Malcolm Tan.

SINGAPORE — FEBRUARY 7, 2022 –Influencio is the first dedicated blockchain influencer marketing platform with interactive NFTs, GameFi, and SocialFi in an immersive metaverse landscape, developed by Gravitas International Associates, a subsidiary company of Technicorum Holdings, which today announces Influencio: the Brand Owner-Influencer-Fan platform aggregator for the social media community which is diving into the US$800 billion metaverse’s addressable market.

Metaverse is the latest shared immersive 3D virtual environment heralded as the next evolution of the internet. This opportunity has attracted online game makers, social networks, and other technology leaders. Metaverse is a mirrored world of an alternate digital reality where people work, play, and socialize. It is a collective of virtual shared space, created through the union of virtually enhanced physical reality and immersive 3D virtual space that combines the virtual world, augmented reality with Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 elements. 

Malcolm Tan, Chief Advisor of the Influencio project, has since initiated the construction of the global metaverse landscape on Influencio’s platform. While the project initially provided monetizing opportunities and a social platform for brand owners, social media influencers, and followers. It has also started adding metaverse technology into its roadmap to provide a 3D immersive virtual experience for the Influencio community through various social activities and gamification.

“The transition to immersive virtual reality is a game-changer for influencers and creators. Metaverse is the next evolution of the internet and social networks. Integrating metaverse elements into the Influencio project broadens business opportunities and attracts new users in the social media communities,” said Malcolm Tan, Chief Advisor of Influencio.


“In today’s context, the global audience for social media has become increasingly diverse and fragmented. As a result, the measure of success has changed. Influencio focuses on bringing life and meaning from the traditional media landscape into the upcoming social media evolution. The project empowers creative people to onboard its platform as brand owners seek an innovative approach to connect with new audiences worldwide. The initiatives to integrate the metaverse landscape not only opens up opportunities to connect, but it also allows anyone to navigate the new economy,” said Malcolm Tan.


Influencio’s new INFLUENCE and ACTS cryptocurrencies (BEP20 tokens) are designed to address friction and monetisation within the growing global influencer market. The project is supported by the most prominent YouTubers and influencers in South America, Europe, Nordic countries, and Asia. It will soon have a fully global presence as well. The project is led by CMO Danjal Kanani alongside CEO Daniel Daboczy. Influencio solves key market challenges using blockchain and NFTs, with DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi elements. Influencio streamlines payments and processing, content marketing management, interaction monitoring and offers FinTech solutions to the industry. 

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Technicorum Holdings comprises several subsidiaries, some of which are regulated and specialize in various industries in the field of digital assets, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, the Metaverse, etc. Its fully owned subsidiary, Gravitas International Associates Pte Ltd, is a Singapore-registered Fintech company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as an authorized blockchain & DLT provider, e-wallet, core banking, digital exchange Platforms, digitization and tokenization, platforms, products, and services. The Technicorum group has numerous reference projects and clients, including over 100 ICOs/IEOs/IDOs/STOs completed through its subsidiaries over the last four years.


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