ImmVRse (IMVR) Now Live On DDEX Decentralised Exchange

ImmVRse (IMVR) Now Live On DDEX Decentralised Exchange

One of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the world, DDEX has listed ImmVRse token (IMVR) on its platform.  The leading exchange offers IMVR traders instant and real-time on-chain settlement on its platform.
In its bid to transform IMVR into a global utility token, ImmVRse is leaving no stone unturned in the digital assets market place. With a strength of over 48000 followers on social media, the platform is exploring all the available channels to achieve its aims and objectives.
The immediate aim of the token is to be used as utility token for ImmVRse decentralized applications and others that will be built on the same ecosystem.
A trading competition was organized by the platform to celebrate the listing of IMVR on DDEX. The trading competition will run from September 25, 2018, to 15:00 October 7, 2018.
To reward its teeming customers and participants, 400,000 IMVR tokens will be distributed among the winners.
The Chief Executive Officer of ImmVRse Farabi Shayor said,

“We would like to deliver the amazing crypto community with multiple options to join and cooperate with us in the development of disruptive platforms that we aim to develop. DDEX provides an exceptional platform and prospect for current and upcoming IMVR traders to trade using a next-generation and cutting-edge user interface.’’

In its bid to reach a global audience and not just a local market, IMVR will be listed on more decentralised exchanges and traditional exchanges in the immediate future. ImmVRse will also announce more trading competitions in the next few weeks.

More on ImmVRse

The main aim of ImmVRse is to offer VR brands, content creators, and advertisers a rare opportunity of getting their products or services into the public space.
The decentralized app of ImmVRse will work as a smart contracts-based marketplace for the VR professionals, the IMVR which is the platform’s token will serve as means of payment among all the parties within the ecosystem.

More on DDEX

The primary objective of DDEX is to allow users to trade digital assets from wallet-to-wallet. DDEX is one of the biggest and largest decentralized exchanges by both the trading volume and the number of total transactions.
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