ImmVRse and Imperial College Set to Carry out Research on the Effect of Virtual Reality on Neural Activity

Virtual reality heavyweights, ImmVRse is set to collaborate with some intelligent students in the field of medicine to find out “The Impact of Virtual Reality on Neural Activity.”
There’s no more significant asset than a sound mind.
Virtual Reality has excellent potentials in exploring the world. It has the power to transport us into another world without us having to move from our sitting or standing positions. VR expertly stimulates the brain, triggering vast amounts of neural activity.
Reputable Universities and colleges carry out research works on VR each year. Currently, the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies has a MedVr lab that explores different aspects of medical science like neuroscience, medicine psychology and much more.
At the moment they are trying to use VR in assisting people suffering from phobia and trauma. At the University of Washington, extensive works have been done on how to use VR in managing physical pain.
Various VR based solutions have been created in recent times. For example, there is a game called “Snow World” which immerses victims of burns in a world of snowball fights with a snowman. Stanford University engineering students have also invented SUSIE (Senior-User Soothing Immersive Experience) for those who can’t leave their homes; this helps them experience the outdoors from the comfort of their homes.
VR is creating jobs and saving lives at the same time.
ImmVRse understands that Universities are the best places that groundbreaking research that can give birth to great innovations can be done. Therefore, they have partnered with Imperial College London to do research work on how VR could be used in Neuroscience.
ImmVRse will work with some of the most intelligent minds in at the Imperial College Medical School to Study “The Impact of Virtual Reality on Neural Activity.” This work will enable the team to find out the impact of VR on humans, how VR affects our cognitive experience,  feelings, opinion and also physical reactions.
The research supervisor is Dr. Saleh.  The VR research team will be led by the CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor.
Some of the students that will take part in the research are Ela, Shivam, Francesca, Rachel, Ruhi, and Mai. They will all be using a medically approved 12 channel Electroencephalography(EEG) headsets, to monitor electrical impulses and neural activity.
The participants EEG graphs will be recorded while their headsets are on.
The outcome of this groundbreaking research will help draw robust scientific conclusions on the impact of VR on humans and could form a foundation for many more work findings while proving that virtual reality has all it takes to be a significant consumer technology in future.
The ImmVRse Team in Brief
The key members of the team are all experts with many years of experience in various fields like IT Management, VR, Blockchain development and more. Some of the members are:
– Farabi Shayor, CEO- is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has over ten years experience in developing market deliverables brand identities, financial analysis and more. Check out his full profile at
-Limon Rahman- COO and Co-Founder. He has over 15 years experience in financial control and management and is also a serial entrepreneur. see his full profile
Others are:
-Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing,
Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer,
Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer,
For more information visit
The Team:

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