Ignite: World’s First Decentralized, Self-Regulating Investment Platform with Index Fund

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Ignite Ratings is a Gibraltar-based Blockchain self-regulating investment platform. Ignite Ratings has announced its token generation event in line with the revolutionary trading platform it wants to develop.

The Ignite rating team is poised to revolutionalize the way Initial Coin Offerings are reviewed and traded by adopting an innovative real-time approach; using the Blockchain technology decentralized protocol, alongside an investment index powered by the rating platform.

According to the Ignite team, the Ignite Ratings software automatically deploys the index’s capital by investing into the highest-rated assets and sends a return on investment of 50% back to qualified token holders.

It is pertinent to note that rating agencies in traditional finance are incentivized by the issuers, which creates a conflict of interest. Besides, regular ratings are not based on real-time information but are usually written and distributed after the fact; thereby limiting value for traders and investors.

According to the ignite Ratings team, the Ignite project is poised to break away from the traditional incentive model as its users are deploying capital they contributed as participants during the token generation event. In essence, token holders are incentivized to rate assets correctly because funds are automatically used by investment, into the ignite rating’s most highly rated assets.

The Ignite rating platform is similar to review and rating projects like TripAdvisor or Yelp, in the sense that token holders have the responsibility of giving their opinions on Blockchain-based assets.

The Ignite rating users are referred to as the HIVE since they work together, combining their skills, strategy and investment methodologies to produce a combined rating score.
To facilitate the whole rating process and make it easier, the proprietary Ignite “Reputation Engine” is deployed to handle member interactions with the platform, which participants themselves review.

Members of the Ignite rating community with low reputation scores have less impact on the rating process, while highly esteemed members have more significant influence. This system ensures that the platform remains self-regulating, transparent, and resistant to collusion from bad actors, as all activities are recorded on the Blockchain.

The Ignite Ratings Co-founder-Christopher Cousins reiterated that: “If a user is capable of making an investment then they ought to be able to explain the reasons why they feel it will be a successful investment. I imagine we will have very interesting viewpoints from a wide demographic, with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.”

Also, all participants are encouraged to revisit and maintain the adequacy of their ratings as assets can be liquidated or instantly purchased based on the collective decision of the “HIVE”.

In summary, the Ignite Ratings team has made it clear that the Ignite index would only invest 1% of its current net asset in any single project. This makes the Ignite token a highly efficient diversification tool as it provides information of highest rated ICOs to token holders.

Token Sale Details

Ignite has received 4000 Ethereum in private investments and high profile investors.  Ignite is in partnership with Overstock’s T-Zero and Speed Route whose cutting edge technology will be of utmost advantage to the Ignite Ratings project.  

The Token pre-sale event starts on December 15 and runs until December 22.
The Token generating event starts on January 15 until February 28
For more information about how to participate in the Ignite Ratings project visit: https://igniteratings.com
To read the whitepaper visit: www.igniteratings.com/white-paper/
Email: evan@igniteratings.com

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