ICO Watch: Benebit ICO Prepares To Takeover The Online Retail Ecosystem


There have been quite many ICOs focusing on the online retail ecosystem in recent time, but Benebit ICO promises to be the game changer!
Benebit is a Blockchain based decentralised online retail store located in the British Virgin Islands.

The Benebit Project makes use of an app and a physical card and allows its users to collect loyalty points that could be exchanged for Benebit tokens which could be spent at online retail stores.

The Benebit ICO

Benebit is putting preparations in top gear to take over the online retail markets. Once launched, global users will have the chance of converting their loyalty points into Benebit tokens that could be accepted in place of fiat currency and used to buy goods from many online retail stores all over the world.

The Benebit project is looking to make online shopping easier by eliminating the need for retailers to always carry different loyalty cards around while shopping online and replaces the numerous loyalty cards with just one Benebit card and an application that covers a vast number of businesses around the globe.

The Benebit Crowdsale is slated to begin on 22, January, 2018. The Crowdsale promises to be a game changer. It will give online shopping and cryptocurrencies lovers a chance to join the Benebit project early enough so that they can hold the Benebit tokens which will be very valuable soon.

The evolution of e-commerce has disrupted the traditional shopping system, nowadays, virtually everything can be bought online from cars to cooking utensils to even houses. Consumers are now very conscious of utility and time savings by purchasing online. With the proliferation of e-commerce, comes another issue- which is how to formulate effective customer loyalty and retention schemes. It is pertinent to note that this problem also plagued traditional retailers in the past.

While traditional retailers often use the cashback and loyalty programs to incentivize customers,  research results from Loyalty 360, have it that the efficiency of such loyalty programs is almost null since consumers can only spend their points on the same retailer and in most cases, the points expire within a short while.

The Benebit Revolution

Benebit will replace the cash back and loyalty points based programs with its Benebit tokens (BNE) using the super Blockchain technology. Users will be to exchange their BNE into Benebit supported cryptocurrencies or fiat money. With the Benebit project, customers would always be able to shop on their favorite online brands from anywhere around the world, using a single BNE.

How It Works

Consumers will have the Benebit card and app in 2018. The app will enable shoppers to locate brands, shop and store points. The card eliminates the need for shoppers to carry about their gift cards. The card serves as hardware for all cashback points and could be used as both a credit card and fiat money.

The Benebit project will also empower retailers with a point of sale platform (POS), which gathers customer details and enables businesses to carry out real-time management processes like inventory tracking, staff payroll and more. The app also brings customers and businesses together since they can interact easily with the app. Transaction fees are also lowered due to the elimination of third parties.

The Benefit project is a real project destined to revolutionalize the online shopping ecosystem. Unlike other ICO projects built around hype, the Benebit project has an actual use case that will add value to all involved by using Blockchain technology.
For more details on the Benebit ICO visit benebit.io.

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