ICO BAN: Binance exchange to ban IPs from China

binance ban chinese ips - zycrypto.com

There was an enforced ban on ICOs placed in china on all icos and all currently running icos was told and warned to refund everyone that had invested in it and many ico projects started the refund process immediately.

Binance exchange in a new blog post stated that they will ban all Chinese ip address from trading but that they will still be able to make withdrawals and access their user base.

We will restrict all Chinese IP addresses from trading. They will continue to be able to visit the user center and make withdrawals.

Recall that we had posted an article previously on whether the ban on icos will spread to exchanges and some cryptocurrencies, binance also stated that they were going to delist some coin tokens from their exchange.

HCC, LLT, ELC, BTM, YOYO will no longer be traded or deposited but withdrawals can be processed until the team of each token announces their refund plan.

Five coins from the voting list will be added to the exchange as soon as the brief upgrade of 2-3 hours is over tomorrow and more popular western coins will be listed.